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Girl playing guitar and wondering why rhythm guitar is so hard

Why Is Rhythm Guitar So Hard?

When someone picks up a guitar for the first time, they almost always get a feel for the instrument’s rhythm. Each chord strum creates specific body movements that correlate into a 1-2-3-4 beat. The rhythm a guitarist establishes can help them establish melodies, backgrounds, or percussive elements while giving momentum […]

How Important Is Soundstaging - Home Theater With a High-End Sound System
Home Stereo Systems

How Important Is Soundstaging?

Imagine that you’ve been invited to a small theater production of your favorite show. The building is compact, placing the orchestra in a bit just off the stage and in front of the first audience members. Your seat is right in the middle of the auditorium. You can see how […]

My AirPods are Blinking Orange – What to Do

My AirPods are Blinking Orange – What to Do?

If you like listening to music, watching movies, or speaking with others using wireless earbuds, Apple’s AirPods are one of the best products you can buy today. AirPods are a minimalistic, user-friendly product that integrates seamlessly into your iPhone environment. You can also use them with your MacBook, iPad, or […]

Nitro vs. Poly – Which Guitar Finish Is Better

Nitro vs. Poly – Which Guitar Finish Is Better?

If you want to find the best guitar to accommodate your playing style, one of the instrument’s attributes to consider is its finish. You can find two standard options offered for sale today. If you prefer something vintage or old-school, a nitrocellulose lacquer should be your preference. It’s perfect for […]

Has Anyone Been Banned from Steve Hoffman Forums

Has Anyone Been Banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?

Steve Hoffman is a mastering engineer. You’ve likely heard his work with The Who, Buddy Holly, and many others. After spending several years working on album reissues and direct mastering, Hoffman decided to become an influencer in the audiophile world. When Hoffman works on an album, you don’t need to […]

My iPhone Speaker Sounds Muffled Here’s the Fix

My iPhone Speaker Sounds Muffled: Here’s the Fix

Your iPhone is an extension of you. It contains more about your life than you probably even remember at any given moment! Many tasks you complete with your iPhone (for any model) require functional speakers to maximize the experience. If this component isn’t working correctly, you can’t stream movies, enjoy […]

12 Best Mini Amps That Don’t Suck

12 Best Mini Amps That Don’t Suck (2021)

Several guitar amps came out in the 1920s and 1930s as we learned more about what electronics and technology could provide. Although the Great Depression put a pause on American innovation at the time, a few great products were still released for consideration. The Vivi-Tone amps from 1933 were often […]

Open G vs. Open C Tuning

Open G vs. Open C Tuning

Do you wonder how guitarists can remember the different notes, chords, and fingerings from their other alternative tuning options? It seems like an impossible task to learn the dozens of different potential tuning options that work for the guitar. How can anyone keep them straight? What you’ll discover is that […]

MDC1200 in HAM Band

MDC1200 in HAM Band?

MDC1200 technology is covered under four patents filed in the United States. Motorola took advantage of the initial licensing period to charge significant fees to access this protocol. Because of the price, some companies and manufacturers developed similar options that worked with their systems. When this technology was first produced, […]