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Equalization Effect Replaced in Audacity 2.3.3

In Audacity 2.3.3, the equalization effect was replaced by the producers in favor of two new options. You can now select a filter curve that acts as a fast Fourier transformation filter. It’s similar to the draw mode that you found in the original equalization effect. The other choice is […]

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Are 4-Ohm Speakers Better Than 8-Ohm Speakers?

When you hear people discussing how many ohms a speaker provides, what they’re talking about is the product’s impedance. All electrical components and circuits resist electrical currents to a certain extent. The way we measure that feature is what becomes the impedance rating for the speakers, symbolized by the Greek […]


Martin HD28 vs. HD28v Neck

If you love playing older guitars, the Martin HD28 and HD28v could be one of your next favorite instruments. Although the brand reimagined the HD28 to include many of the unique features from the vintage version, it also decided to retire the previous model. Both guitars deliver a booming result […]


Digital Switching Class D or Class T Amplifiers

The first audio amplifier was created in 1906. A man named Lee DeForest came up with the idea of created amplification by using a triode vacuum tube. It was a mechanism that came from another one of his inventions called the Audion. DeForest noticed that when he had a diode […]

What key are rappers in

What Key Are Rappers In?

When you ask what key rappers are in when they perform, a common reply is that they’re in the key of “G.” It’s an inside joke that means the artist is “gangsta.” The truth about what key rappers use when performing is a little murkier. Since most rapping occurs within […]


Is a Pau Ferro Fretboard Any Good?

Although Pau Ferro sounds like a designer’s name, it is actually a tree. You might know it as Santos Rosewood, Bolivian Rosewood, or Morado. The species is officially called “Machaerium spp.” The Pau Ferro tree is typically grown in South America, endemic to Bolivia and Brazil. Once it is fully […]

Is Fender Princeton Chorus a good amp

Is Fender Princeton Chorus a Good Amp?

Fender introduced the Princeton series of amps for guitarists in 1947. The original line was discontinued in 1979, but the company created a few variations in the 1980s and 1990s to continue providing affordable support to players worldwide. The solid-state Fender Princeton Chorus amp first reached the market in 1988. […]

ESP vs LTD Guitars (Differences Explained)

ESP vs. LTD Guitars (Differences Explained)

ESP Company, Ltd is a Japanese guitar manufacturing business. It primarily focuses on creating electric guitars and basses, with offices located in Tokyo and Los Angeles. As with most guitar companies, you’ll find several distinctive product lines to review. ESP works under names that include “Custom Shop” and “Standard,” while […]