My AirPods are Blinking Orange – What to Do

My AirPods are Blinking Orange – What to Do?

If you like listening to music, watching movies, or speaking with others using wireless earbuds, Apple’s AirPods are one of the best products you can buy today. AirPods are a minimalistic, user-friendly product that integrates seamlessly into your iPhone environment. You can also use them with your MacBook, iPad, or […]

Best place to get Sony mh755

Best Place to Get Sony MH755 Earphones

If you need something practical to get through your day, a $500 set of headphones doesn’t make much sense. You’re not trying to listen to the entire frequency spectrum when working on a project. You want something that can help you stay focused so that you can stay productive. At […]

Best IEMs for commuting

10 Best IEMs for Commuting

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are often thought of as earbuds because of their design. This product has one crucial difference over the other: they get inserted into the ear canal directly. Both listening devices are small and portable, making them the perfect choice for a long commute. You can catch up […]

Can You Wear Apple AirPods in the Shower

Can You Wear Apple AirPods in the Shower?

The always-adventurous Apple AirPods are designed to be water and sweat resistant. But what would happen if you actually got into water with them? More specifically, what if you hopped into the shower with them still in, singing to your favorite song? Can You Wear Apple AirPods in the Shower? […]

Best noise-cancelling earbuds
Earbuds, Headphones

The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds in 2021

Whether you want to block out the world around you or truly become one with your music, noise-canceling earbuds can make all the difference. I personally love getting lost in my favorite songs, truly hearing every instrument my favorite bands play and feeling that masterpiece come together note for note. […]

Are Airpods Water and Sweatproof
Earbuds, Headphones

Are Airpods Water and Sweatproof?

It’s something we started taking for granted, you see adverts of people jogging with earphones and headphones all over the place, so you presume they’re all pretty much water and sweatproof. OK, so maybe the lower quality headphones won’t be going into the sauna with you, but surely the higher-quality […]

Will Headphones Set Off a Metal Detector
Earbuds, Headphones

Will Headphones Set Off a Metal Detector?

There seem to be metal detectors everywhere these days, and my headphones are like my shoes, I wear them everywhere. I’ve accidentally taken them through metal detectors a few times; sometimes they go off, sometimes they don’t. Also, I’ve heard a high-pitched sound once or twice while walking through a […]