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Is Fender Princeton Chorus a good amp

Is Fender Princeton Chorus a Good Amp?

Fender introduced the Princeton series of amps for guitarists in 1947. The original line was discontinued in 1979, but the company created a few variations in the 1980s and 1990s to continue providing affordable support to players worldwide. The solid-state Fender Princeton Chorus amp first reached the market in 1988. […]

ESP vs LTD Guitars (Differences Explained)

ESP vs. LTD Guitars (Differences Explained)

ESP Company, Ltd is a Japanese guitar manufacturing business. It primarily focuses on creating electric guitars and basses, with offices located in Tokyo and Los Angeles. As with most guitar companies, you’ll find several distinctive product lines to review. ESP works under names that include “Custom Shop” and “Standard,” while […]

Is It Hard To Learn To Play The Trombone

Is It Hard to Learn to Play the Trombone?

The first trombones started showing up in royal courts around the 15th century. For the first 300 years of the instrument’s life, it was called a sackbut or a saqueboute, depending on if you were English or French. Although the reason why it got this name is up for debate, […]

Are open baffle speakers bad

Are Open Baffle Speakers Bad?

An open baffle speaker uses a board to mount the loudspeaker to keep the soundwaves from the front and back apart. It’s one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to enhance this technology’s performance. An open baffle speaker is sometimes called a doublet. That’s because the board creates a barrier […]

How Good is the QC35 Mic for Phone Calls
Headphones, Microphones

QC35 Mic for Phone Calls

Bose offers the QC35 noise-canceling headphones to deliver stunning audio results. From 2016 to 2018, the company sold Series I models. You can now purchase the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones Series II models for enhanced audio support. One of the best features of these headphones is the built-in microphone. You […]

Cross connected coaxial speaker cables
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Cross Connected Coaxial Speaker Cables

When one designs speaker cables to have low inductance, the results come at the expense of higher capacitance. The opposite effect also occurs when you reverse those roles. That’s why some audio engineers are looking toward a compromise in the middle. By developing cross-connected coaxial speaker cables, the effect that […]

How do I record songs straight from a vinyl record to a cassette tape

How to Record Songs from a Vinyl Record to a Cassette Tape?

Although we have numerous streaming platforms for music today, it isn’t always a portable choice. If you haven’t downloaded your favorite playlists and lost a data signal, you’re stuck without songs until you get back into range of a tower. Digitized music doesn’t always sound the best. Your listening experience […]

Is it possible to tune guitar down an octave

Is It Possible to Tune a Guitar Down an Octave?

When you want to tune a guitar, you’ll find that several different settings are standard. The typical setup you’ll see for acoustic and electric instruments is an E-B-G-D-A-E combination. This routing runs from the E2 to the E4 on the scale. It is possible to create multiple alternative tuning options, […]

Electric-Avenues PA2V2

Electric Avenues PA2V2

Electric Avenues is one of those small business success stories you love to see in the music industry. The company’s founder was an electrical engineering student who built a small amp to bring along for a four-hour round-trip daily commute. The goal was to have the headphones sound the same […]