Cross connected coaxial speaker cables
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Cross Connected Coaxial Speaker Cables

When one designs speaker cables to have low inductance, the results come at the expense of higher capacitance. The opposite effect also occurs when you reverse those roles. That’s why some audio engineers are looking toward a compromise in the middle. By developing cross-connected coaxial speaker cables, the effect that […]

Which USB MIDI devices can I use with the iTrack Dock

Which USB MIDI Devices Can I Use with the iTrack Dock?

MIDI stands for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface.” It does what you’d expect from the name. When you plug a controller with this option into a computer, you’ll get ways to make music without needing a separate microphone. The MIDI protocol has been an industry standard for over 25 years. During […]

How do you connect coaxial cable to speakers
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How Do You Connect Coaxial Cable to Speakers?

Coaxial (Coax) cable is familiar because it’s what gets used to connect your satellite or cable TV to your television. Although we use it primarily for video applications, it is a remarkably versatile product. It does have some flexibility issues that can limit its applications. Coax is also thicker than […]

Daisy-Chain Monitors - Everything you need to know

Daisy Chain Monitors: Everything You Need to Know

A multi-monitor setup is a fantastic way to create gaming immersion or improve productivity. When you daisy chain your screens, the environment makes a singular focal point for you to use. Although every monitor offers a daisy-chaining potential, some graphics cards and laptops don’t support the cables needed to create […]


HDMI Output: RGB vs. YCbCr

Did you recently purchase a new television? Do you have a computer monitor or display that you want to set up? When you step into the menu screens for your display, you’ll likely encounter a question about your HDMI setup. You can set it to RGB or YCbCr. Some models […]