Bose SoundLink Color Model 415859 Charging Issue Solved

Bose SoundLink Color Model 415859 Charging Issue [Solved]

The Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth® speaker is one of the best portable products to use for your favorite songs, playlists, and podcasts. It delivers the brand’s trademarked room-filling sound for an affordable price.

When everything is working well, it can feel like you’ve made one of the best investments ever.

If you encounter a charging issue to the extent that the speaker won’t take or hold battery energy, you might wonder what all the hype is about the product.

Here’s the good news. When your Model 415859 SoundLink Color doesn’t operate correctly, some fixes are possible to get the battery working.

Bose SoundLink Color Model 415859 Charging Issue [Solved]

If your SoundLink Color Bluetooth® Speaker II Model 415859 has a charging concern, the best way to correct the problem is to reset the product. This action resets the unit, helping it to stop the minor issues from continuing to plague it. Once you turn it back on, the battery should charge.

When your Bose SoundLink isn’t holding a battery charge, you can follow some specific strategies to increase your chances of having a positive outcome happen.

Best Options to Correct Your SoundLink Charging Problem

Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.• You’ll want to unplug both ends of the USB cable that connects your SoundLink Model 415859 to a power source.
• Once you’ve done that, reconnect both ends to their respective ports to ensure you have a firm connection.
• If one is loose, your battery won’t charge.
Swap in a new USB cable if both ends are firm in the port.• When you know that the USB cable is firmly connected, the issue might be a cord fault instead.
• You can check to see if this is the problem by swapping in a new cord with charger compatibility.
Try using a different charger.• Although chargers are a reliable product, they can burn out sometimes.
• If an overload happens at the receptacle, even a minor one, it can disrupt the product’s ability to send power to the speaker’s battery.
• You’ll want to use one with a rating of 1,000 mA (1A) or higher for the best results.
Review the power requirements of your charger.• Since the Bose charger for the Model 415859 looks like any other AC/DC power supply, it is easy to swap out one from a different brand without realizing it.
• You’ll want to verify that this item is the one that came with the speaker or has compatibility for it.
Review the amperage.• You might have a compatible Bose charger, but it could have an amperage rating that is too low for what the model needs.
• Anything rated at 500 mA (0.5A) or lower could trigger this problem.
• You’ll want to upgrade to a compatible product that meets the minimum threshold in that circumstance.
Reset the speaker.• Your speaker might need to be reset occasionally because of minor issues that develop within the signal processing center.
• This step is similar to what you’d do with a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop.
• When you shut it off, you’ll want to leave it alone for at least 30 seconds before completing the reboot a second time.
Install product updates through the companion app.• If the software for the Bose SoundLink Color II Model 415859 becomes out of date, it can sometimes cause glitching that prevents the battery from charging.
• When you can turn it on with a direct current, try to update the device through the connective companion app.
• If one is found, complete the cycle and reset the unit to see if the battery will charge.
Make a request for professional services.• When nothing seems to be correcting the Bose SoundLink speaker’s issue, you can start a repair and replacement request with the manufacturer.
• You’ll need to have your serial number available to complete that step.

Please remember to verify charger compatibility with your Bose SoundLink before purchasing a third-party charger. You’ll find the mobile speaker model number listed in the product’s specs.

It is not unusual for Model 415859 to be excluded from Models 404600 or 414255. Always read the information associated with your charger instead of relying on a product listing to avoid an incorrect purchase.

How to Initiate a Professional Service Request for Model 415859

When your Bose SoundLink Model 415859 will not hold a charge after following the steps outlined in this guide, it might be necessary to request a professional review.

You can start that service request by going to the troubleshooting links from the Bose home website.

It is also possible to start that process by following this link. Clicking on it will let you navigate to the brand’s repair and replacement page for all of their products.

Before you can begin, you’ll need to get the service number for your specific speaker. It should be on the back or the bottom of your SoundLink.

If you cannot locate this information or it has worn off, you can connect the SoundLink to your Bose Connect app to get the information.

When it is on your device, you’ll see a unique 17-digit number that identifies your product. It will say “S/N” next to it and sit underneath a barcode.

You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter the serial number. Once you’ve taken that step, you will click the “Find My Product” button.

Bose will ask you several questions about your product and the issues you’re encountering with the speaker.

What If the Service Request Errors Out?

If you encounter errors with your service request online, Bose offers in-person customer service that can help you schedule a repair or replacement.

What you’ll receive in response is ultimately determined by your product’s warranty status.

Bose offers a toll-free customer service line to call for the help you need. The number to dial is 1 (877) 210-3782 to discuss factory-authorized service.

It helps to have your speaker nearby so that you can answer some specific questions your rep might have about your battery charging problem.

It is not a 24/7 customer service line that Bose operates. You’ll want to call between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM Monday through Friday.

The times are in the Eastern Zone, which means Boston, New York City, Washington DC, and similar cities.

If you haven’t received an authorization for service, you’ll want to contact the primary line at 1 (800) 379-2073.

This toll-free number is staffed during the same hours as the factory service one, but you also gain access to Saturday hours from 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern.

You’ll need to factor in the time difference (if any) for your location. There isn’t a call collect number offered at this time.

You can also send Bose an email about your issue, although delays happen somewhat frequently with the current state of our world.

How Do I Know If My Warranty Is Valid for SoundLink Color Model 415859?

Bose offers a limited warranty with Model 415859.

Suppose you encounter a battery charging issue that isn’t the result of misuse, unauthorized repair, customization, improper maintenance, regular wear and tear, accidents, external causes, or commercial use.

In that case, it might qualify for the repair and replacement process.

For many customers, the external cause stipulation is the problem they encounter the most when dealing with a battery issue.

If a power surge happens while the speaker is connected to the source, it could create a charging problem.

Since the power surge is the cause of the issue, you’d be stuck paying for the repair. At that point, you’re better off using it with direct power (if it works) or purchasing a new unit.

If you have a valid claim, it must be within a specific time from the retail purchase date. When you buy the SoundLink II online, it is not the date that you receive it.

Let’s say that you complete a transaction for the Bose speaker on September 1 through your favorite online retailer.

After a snow delay, a transportation issue, and a handling problem, you finally receive the product on November 7.

Your warranty would start on September 1 if you purchased the product from an authorized dealer. It does not begin when you have the speaker in your hands.

You can contact Bose directly for the warranty information that applies to your region by navigating to and using the information there.

Before warranty services are offered, you might get asked to provide proof of purchase information.

If you don’t have a sales invoice or a receipt, the warranty authorization might not happen.

An Alternative Bose SoundLink Product to Consider

If you get tired of the Bose SoundLink Model 415859 giving you trouble, I highly recommend the Revolve to get 360-degree surround sound.

You don’t realize how limited the portable Color speaker is until you’ve tried the Bose SoundLink Revolve. This model has the same portability, but it offers more coverage because of its cylindrical shape.

The seamless aluminum body is impressive, giving it more durability than other models. Although the IPX4 water-resistance rating isn’t fantastic, it can at least take a splash without a problem.

You’ll get wireless Bluetooth pairing with the SoundLink Revolve. Voice prompts let you take calls with it, access your smartphone’s digital assistant, and complete the work with hands-free convenience.

If you have two of these models, they can pair to create a “party” or “stereo” mode for even better coverage.

It also works through the SimpleSync technology with other Smart Home Family products from Bose.

You can choose the SoundLink Revolve in white or black.

It can be frustrating when your Bose SoundLink Color Model 415859 refuses to let its battery charge.

When you encounter that problem, the steps in this guide can fix most of the typical issues you’ll face with this product.

If you need further help, please contact Bose for customer service assistance.

This guide should only be used for general information purposes, and it does not serve as official guidance from the manufacturer.

When you’re tired of dealing with the issue entirely, it might be time to upgrade to the Bose SoundLink Revolve instead.


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