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epiphone galaxie 10 user review

User Review: Epiphone Galaxie 10

Epiphone amplifiers offer one of the best investments you can make for your practices and live performances. It’s a brand that stands for quality above everything else, making it a popular choice for professionals for several decades. When you need a small amp to use at home, the Epiphone Galaxie […]

Amazing Sounding Gouzouki or Bouzouki

Amazing Sounding “Gouzouki” or Bouzouki

The Gouzouki or Bouzouki is an instrument that goes by several different names. You’ll discover the most common one is the bouzouki. Although it looks like an acoustic guitar at first, it doesn’t take long for you to see that it has eight strings instead of six. The body shape […]

Should You Label Your Piano Keyboard

Should You Label Your Piano Keyboard?

When you start learning how to play the piano, the 88 keys you have to learn can seem overwhelming. How do you know what ones to play? If you have trouble remembering which key corresponds to each note on your keyboard, one of the best learning strategies is to label […]

1975 Peavey Classic 100 Amp – Info

1975 Peavey Classic 100 Amp – Info?

With the various Peavey amp models available online today, it can be easy to confuse one model with another. If you have a Peavey Classic 100, what you own is an EL84 amp from the current series. It’s a versatile item to add to your collection, delivering a fantastic overdrive […]

Carvin X100B Review

Carvin X100B: Solid Amp from the 1980s Still Playable Today

During the 1980s, it was almost impossible to read guitar magazines or music publications without seeing a massive ad for Carvin amplifiers and instruments. If you stepped into your local music store, massive posters bearing the Carvin named were plastered all over the walls. Although we’ve forgotten a lot about […]

What Is Rosin and Why do Violinists Need It

What Is Rosin and Why do Violinists Need It?

Have you ever run a bow across violin strings? If you did, the chances are that the sounds you created didn’t match your expectations. That’s because violinists use rosin while playing their instrument. When it is applied correctly, the bow can run across the strings more consistently to produce the […]

The 25 Ultimate Audiophile Speakers of All Time

The 25 Ultimate Audiophile Speakers of All Time

An “audiophile” is someone who loves high-fidelity sound. They work hard to reproduce the auditory experiences from live events by installing equipment and improving room acoustics to create hi-fi bliss. Since most playback systems, especially those that are affordable for the average household, operate on a single track, it can […]

What’s the Difference Between Sharp and Flat

What’s the Difference Between Sharp and Flat?

Have you ever heard someone use the terms “sharp” and “flat” when referring to musical notes and wondered what they meant? While overall quite simple in theory, this concept might come across as a bit complicated at first. Sharp and flat notes are used in music of all genres and […]