Best place to get Sony mh755

Best Place to Get Sony MH755 Earphones

If you need something practical to get through your day, a $500 set of headphones doesn’t make much sense.

You’re not trying to listen to the entire frequency spectrum when working on a project. You want something that can help you stay focused so that you can stay productive.

At the same time, you want earbuds or headphones that deliver a crisp sound without distortion.

Although inexpensive in-ear monitors don’t always provide beneficial results, you’ll want to take a closer look at the Sony MH755 earphones.

Best Place to Get Sony MH755 Earphones

The best place to purchase Sony MH755 IEM earphones is on when the product is available. Because this budget-friendly product is often out-of-stock, you can also look at your favorite big-box retailer, discount merchants, eBay, or Sony’s online store for inventory availability.

What makes the Sony MH755 earphones stand out is their ability to be used in tandem with Bluetooth receivers.

If you’re trying to use it as a standard set of IEMs or earbuds, you’ll be disappointed by how short the cables are with this product.

Unlike the companion MH750, the MH755 doesn’t come with a microphone or additional controls.

It typically sells in foreign markets from a North American perspective, which means availability is often limited.

When you buy these IEMs outside of Amazon, you’ll want to read the product description with great care.

Several suppliers sell knockoffs that make their listings look like you’re getting the MH755, but you’re getting a clone instead.

How to Tell If You Have a Sony MH755 Clone

The problem with the MH755 isn’t with the product itself, but the fact that so many manufacturers are creating knockoff clones.

It doesn’t take much work to print out a sticker, slap it on the cable, and make the IEMs look like a genuine product.

Once you start searching the online forums that talk about the Sony MH755, you’ll find how often people get scammed when looking for this product.

It’s still a reasonable gamble to take. How often can you find a $6 set of IEMs that sound like you paid $160 for them?

That’s why there is so much interest in this product. Even if you don’t do any mods to the MH755 earphones, they’ll sound fantastic!

If you’ve ordered Sony MH755s and want to know if your product is legitimate, the easiest way to tell is to look at the product’s circuit board.

When you see two small, round solder dots to secure the electronics, you can have confidence in your purchase.

The easiest way to look at the circuitry is to open the shell at the bass vent.

When the product has fake drivers, you won’t see the solder dots on the connections. It’s more of the traditional manufacturing approach instead.

You can also look at the tuning paper if you’re unsure if Sony was responsible for making the IEMs in your possession.

Genuine drivers come with a dark fabric that contains a white center oval. It will be quite long, covering about 25% of the entire circumference.

The fake drivers have something that looks like an industry standard today for tuning papers. It’s relatively short and won’t offer the same coverage.

How Does the MH755 Sound?

Why does everyone want to buy a pair of Sony’s MH755 IEMs? It’s because the sound quality is incredible.

You’ll find a bright mid-range, incredible highs, and a powerful bass waiting to grace your ears when using this product.

It’s one of the best IEMs for delivering the sub-bass frequencies out of all the similar products in its category. If that’s the kind of music you love, it’s worth looking for a genuine product.

You’ll also notice that the tonality and overall sound signature are excellent.

When you end up with a cloned product or an outright fake, the bass frequencies come out flatter and dirtier.

You’ll notice significant distortion when the volume levels rise, and the fit won’t feel “right” when wearing them for more than a few minutes.

If you compare the MH755 to the MH750, the sound curve is almost identical.

Although the MH750 has a slightly stronger start at the lowest frequencies, the MH750 delivers a better response at 40 Hz and above. Once you get to 100 Hz, the performance is significantly improved.

As you approach the mid-range with the MH755, the MH750 starts to catch back up. Once you hit 1,000 Hz, the performance is equal. That’s when you’ll notice more clarity with the MH750.

If your playlists focus on the upper-mid or frequencies approaching 10k, you’ll see a performance gap open between the MH750 and MH755.

When you hit the brilliance tones between 10 kHz and 20 kHz, the performance is virtually equal.

The only reason to get the MH750 over the MH755 (beyond availability) is to listen to music with powerful sounds in the 20 Hz range.

You won’t find anything that can beat either product’s decay rate under the $100 price range.

Since It’s Hard to Find the MH755, Should I Get the MH750?

When you compare the ratings between Sony’s MH750 and MH755, it’s the latter that comes out on top.

The only problem is that you might need to purchase a Samsung phone to get your hands on an authentic MH755.

Sony MH750 Stereo 3.5mm Earbuds
  • Wireless Earbuds
  • 1300mAh Li-ion battery
  • Has a J Cord Design (Cables Sides Have Different Lengths)
Get it on Amazon

The Sony MH750 has been out long enough that you can find it as a replacement product in stores and online.

Although you’ll sacrifice a little in the upper bass and the lower mid-range, everything else is comparable from a performance perspective.

You’ll need to be careful when using these IEMs because it uses a J-cord design. That means you’ll have a longer cord running to one ear than the other.

It’s still well-balanced and affordable, making it a legitimate alternative to the MH755.

If you’d don’t mind spending a little more on your IEMs, here are a few additional alternatives to consider that won’t require any modification to meet your needs.

Sony IER-M7 in-Ear Monitor Headphones
  • 4x BA (Balanced Armature) Driver Units
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced Distortion
  • Optimized Sound Path
  • 4.4mm Standard Balanced Connection Cable
  • Very Low Signal Transmission Loss
  • Included Ear Tips Sizes: SS, S, MS, M, ML, L
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1. Sony IER-M7

When you select these IEMs, you’ll receive 4x balanced armature units that incorporate the brand’s original design.

Although the MH755s deliver excellent bass, the magnesium alloy incorporated into this product provides clear, crisp sounds throughout the entire spectrum.

It comes optimized for the ideal frequency response straight from the box, and the copper cables come with a silver coating to prevent corrosion and signal loss.

Multiple earbud sizes come in the case, along with a cable clip, cleaning cloth, and cable holder.

Audio-Technica ATH-E70 In-Ear Headphones
  • Triple Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Impedance: 39 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 19 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 109 dB
  • Great Sound Isolation
  • Flexible and Comfortable Cable
  • Detachable and Replaceable 5.2' (1.6m) Cable
  • 1/4-Inch Plug-on Adapter
  • Ear Tips Included (XS/S/M/L)
  • Carrying Case
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2. Audio-Technica ATH-E70

You’ll save a little money with these advanced IEMs because they have three BAs instead of four in their design.

Once you start listening to your favorite playlist, the extended response sounds incredible!

The flexible memory cable loops do an excellent job of keeping the product next to your ears, ensuring a secure fit and finish that the MH755s don’t offer.

You can also detach the cable for more convenience. You’ll get foam and silicone ear tips in the box, along with a 6.3mm adapter.

Fender IEM Ten 3 In-Ear Headphone
  • Driver: 10mm High Density Dynamic Driver
  • 3 Hybrid Dynamic BA (Balanced Armature)
  • Frequency Response: 9Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB @ 1mW
  • Connector Type: 1/4-Inch, Straight
  • 2-Pin Talon Cable
Get it on Amazon

3. Fender IE Ten

When only the best will do for you, these IEMs are the only solution on the market that delivers consistent support.

The frequency response starts at an incredible 9 Hz, ensuring that you get the deepest sub-bass experience possible.

It uses a two-pin Talon cable and a hybrid dynamic BA to create consistent user outcomes through the 10mm HDD driver.

It’s incredibly accurate, offers a secure fit, and has the proper left-right configuration for comfort.

You’ll receive memory foam and proprietary TPE tips in the box, along with cleaning tools, an airline adapter, and your cable.

Verdict on the MH755 Earphones

Understandably, people would want to get their hands on the Sony MH755 earphones. Those IEMs are one of the best value purchases that you could say have ever hit the market.

You’ll find that models that cost over $100 struggle to compare with these sometimes $6 items offer when you see the sound curve.

Here’s the thing for me: I’m not particularly eager about gambling on my IEMs.

If I order from an overseas provider or work with a local smartphone dealer to get the MH755 IEMs, there’s still a risk that I’m not getting the real thing.

Although the earphones are remarkable, they don’t offer the same support that you’d get from the alternatives listed in this guide.

That’s why it is a better idea to pursue the MH750 earbuds from Sony if you want something affordable. The performance is almost identical to the MH755s without the availability and cloning problems.

When you want to step up your listening game, you’ll need to invest in something better. Although the price isn’t always an indicator of quality, I’ll take the Sony IER-M7 every day over the MH755!

It’s ultimately your preference. You know what you want to hear and how much you can spend. Either way, your listening experience is about to get an upgrade when you grab one of these IEMs.


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