Will Headphones Set Off a Metal Detector
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Will Headphones Set Off a Metal Detector?

There seem to be metal detectors everywhere these days, and my headphones are like my shoes, I wear them everywhere. I’ve accidentally taken them through metal detectors a few times; sometimes they go off, sometimes they don’t. Also, I’ve heard a high-pitched sound once or twice while walking through a […]

Woman wondering can headphones cause blackheads
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Can Headphones Cause Blackheads?

Here I thought that my pimple and blackhead days were over. I mean, I’m long past my teenage years. One of the main causes of acne are crazy teenage hormones, but then you get them all over. So, why have I recently discovered these little blackheads in my ears? This […]

Woman wondering if her headphones can cause ear infections
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Can Headphones Cause Ear Infections?

A friend of mine recently got an ear infection, it wasn’t the worst, but as we were both constantly using our headphones, it popped up in conversation if the cause could be her headphones. Earphones seem a likely culprit, but can headphones cause ear infections? Yes, headphones can increase the […]

in-ear earbuds and headphones on the floor symbolizing eadphones vs earbuds
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Why are headphones better than earbuds?

The most common type of headphones that most people use today is in-ear headphones, also known as earbuds or earphones. They’re among the key items that most average students consider carrying along while going outdoors, be it a typical lecture or a meet-up and to be honest I love them […]

Person Holding White Smartphone While Charging Thinking About Plugging in Their Earphones
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Is it OK to use earphones while charging?

If you read the news regularly or even casually scroll through your social media feed, perhaps you’ve seen stories about people being electrocuted by way of earphones while charging their smartphones. This has raised many questions. Among them, are these fake news stories? The most mainstream reports are of incidents […]

Concert singer wearing and earpiece

Why do singers wear an earpiece?

When you go see your favorite band or singer perform, you might wonder why they wear an in-ear monitor or in-earphones on stage. Is it because they’re not really singing? What’s going on with that? The thing is that most musicians wear these in-ear monitors on stage so they can […]

Noise cancelling earphones or earbuds
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Can Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Cause Vertigo?

Today’s technology has made it possible to take our music along with us wherever we go without disturbing others. And preventing others from disturbing us thanks to noise-cancellation technology! One of the greatest to come out in the segment in recent times are the noise-cancelling wireless Bluetooth earbuds for they […]