Best noise-cancelling earbuds
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The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds in 2021

Whether you want to block out the world around you or truly become one with your music, noise-canceling earbuds can make all the difference. I personally love getting lost in my favorite songs, truly hearing every instrument my favorite bands play and feeling that masterpiece come together note for note. […]

Will Headphones Deform Your Ears

Will Headphones Deform Your Ears?

This is no light matter to discuss, especially since anyone with ears issues surely finds the subject very sensitive. A good mate of mine, that I had grown up with, actually ended up having his ears surgically corrected after he got cauliflower ear from playing contact sports. While, in all […]

Are Airpods Water and Sweatproof
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Are Airpods Water and Sweatproof?

It’s something we started taking for granted, you see adverts of people jogging with earphones and headphones all over the place, so you presume they’re all pretty much water and sweatproof. OK, so maybe the lower quality headphones won’t be going into the sauna with you, but surely the higher-quality […]

Can I use Bluetooth headphones on an airplane

Can I use Bluetooth headphones on an airplane?

I think this question has probably popped into everyone’s mind at least once. You’re about to go on an amazing trip, Can you’ve kept all the airline’s baggage restrictions in mind. You just can’t remember seeing anything specifically about headphones. You do know that they don’t allow you to use […]