Do Bluetooth Headphones Work with Xbox Series X and One

Do Bluetooth Headphones Work with Xbox One and Series X?

In the standard Xbox One setup, headphones must connect with your wireless controller to work. That specification makes it incompatible with standard Bluetooth connectivity. Although Microsoft makes Bluetooth-enabled controllers, the technology sends an outgoing signal for playing games on other devices. It doesn’t read the headphones or earbuds that you […]

Can You Use Regular Headphones on a PS4

Can You Use Regular Headphones on a PS4?

When you’re playing your favorite PS4 games, everyone in the room can hear what you’re doing. If that doesn’t work for your family or friends, you can use regular headphones on a PS4 to listen to your audio output. Any product with a 3.5mm jack will work through your DualShock […]

Does Music Sound Better with Headphones
Headphones, Music

Does Music Sound Better with Headphones?

Music is an integral part of our being, and scientists are still studying the link between music and language. The music we create has been with us for many millennia, but natural music in itself has been in existence long before we have. The sounds of nature, white noise, is […]

How can headphones produce bass

How Can Headphones Produce Bass?

Sweet bass, the foundation of musical harmony. Let’s face it; we all have a bit of a bass obsession. Meghan Trainor put it best – it’s all about that bass. You can’t tell me you don’t get the feels when that bass suddenly revs up and pulses through you. So, […]