How do you connect coaxial cable to speakers
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How Do You Connect Coaxial Cable to Speakers?

Coaxial (Coax) cable is familiar because it’s what gets used to connect your satellite or cable TV to your television. Although we use it primarily for video applications, it is a remarkably versatile product. It does have some flexibility issues that can limit its applications. Coax is also thicker than […]

yamaha DZR12 Review

Yamaha DZR12 Review

Yamaha put its name into the speaker manufacturing hat in 1967 when the company introduced its first Hi-Fi product. It would be an effort that would bring the musical world the first natural sounds from a large unit, leading the company to call the series “NS” for “natural sound.” The […]

Soundlink Color Won't Turn On - How to Fix It (Solved)

SoundLink Color Won’t Turn On (Solved)

Is your Bose SoundLink Color refusing to turn on when it isn’t plugged into a standard home receptacle? Does the battery accept a charge when these issues happen with your equipment? If you’re troubleshooting your SoundLink Color, you’ll find that the speaker won’t always turn on when using the battery. […]

The Pros and Cons of Big Subwoofer Drivers

Pros and Cons of Big Subwoofer Drivers

If you want to measure the essential factors of a subwoofer’s performance, you’ll look at the sound pressure level (SPL) and low-frequency extension specs for the unit. When you want music that makes your clothing shake and put an extra beat in your chest, the general rule is that something […]

PCM vs. Bitstream
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PCM vs. Bitstream

Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) and Bitstream are the two primary methods of sending audio from an input to a television or compatible computer. Both options deliver roughly the same audio quality. The difference between the two involves how the setup on your device decodes the compressed sounds that get delivered to […]