Cross connected coaxial speaker cables
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Cross Connected Coaxial Speaker Cables

When one designs speaker cables to have low inductance, the results come at the expense of higher capacitance. The opposite effect also occurs when you reverse those roles. That’s why some audio engineers are looking toward a compromise in the middle. By developing cross-connected coaxial speaker cables, the effect that […]

2 10s or 2 12s - Best Subwoofer Size

2 10s or 2 12s? Best Subwoofer Size

When you’re deciding between two 10s and two 12s for your car audio setup, the decision is based on space and volume. Assuming that you have the same watts for both subs, you’ll typically use 10s when the sound quality matters. When you want something loud with an extra attack, […]

Girl Wondering Why Her Bose Soundlink Color is Not Charging [SOLVED]

Bose SoundLink Color Not Charging [SOLVED]

When you try to plug your Bose SoundLink Color in to charge it, does nothing happen? Does your SoundLink Color II not power up or charge? It can be frustrating to have malfunctioning audio equipment, especially when you’re trying to relax at the end of a hard day. For most […]

How do you connect coaxial cable to speakers
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How Do You Connect Coaxial Cable to Speakers?

Coaxial (Coax) cable is familiar because it’s what gets used to connect your satellite or cable TV to your television. Although we use it primarily for video applications, it is a remarkably versatile product. It does have some flexibility issues that can limit its applications. Coax is also thicker than […]