Mono vs. Stereo and When to Use Them

Mono vs. Stereo and When to Use Them

Playback systems typically use one of two speaker types. It can be monophonic (mono) or stereophonic (stereo). The first option provides a single channel for music distribution. That means the same waveforms get sent to all of the speakers in the audio setup. If you have a stereo-based system, you […]

Are 4-Ohm Speakers Better Than 8-Ohm Speakers
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Are 4-Ohm Speakers Better than 8-Ohm Speakers?

When you hear people discussing how many ohms a speaker provides, what they’re talking about is the product’s impedance. All electrical components and circuits resist electrical currents to a certain extent. The way we measure that feature is what becomes the impedance rating for the speakers, symbolized by the Greek […]

Soundlink mini usb charging

SoundLink Mini USB Charging

When you first purchase the Bose SoundLink Mini, you’ll get a charger that comes with your speaker. Once you plug it into a standard receptacle, it’ll give your battery enough juice for a few hours of portable entertainment. For most people, that setup is a straightforward way to ensure that […]

Are open baffle speakers bad

Are Open Baffle Speakers Bad?

An open baffle speaker uses a board to mount the loudspeaker to keep the soundwaves from the front and back apart. It’s one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to enhance this technology’s performance. An open baffle speaker is sometimes called a doublet. That’s because the board creates a barrier […]

Cross connected coaxial speaker cables
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Cross Connected Coaxial Speaker Cables

When one designs speaker cables to have low inductance, the results come at the expense of higher capacitance. The opposite effect also occurs when you reverse those roles. That’s why some audio engineers are looking toward a compromise in the middle. By developing cross-connected coaxial speaker cables, the effect that […]

2 10s or 2 12s - Best Subwoofer Size

2 10s or 2 12s? Best Subwoofer Size

When you’re deciding between two 10s and two 12s for your car audio setup, the decision is based on space and volume. Assuming that you have the same watts for both subs, you’ll typically use 10s when the sound quality matters. When you want something loud with an extra attack, […]