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Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work Without Music?

Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work Without Music?

Are there annoying noises surrounding you all the time? Perhaps you’re thinking about getting noise-cancelling headphones to enjoy some peace and quiet, or to hear your music without any other sounds interrupting you. Indeed, they’re a wise investment, however, understanding how they work will help you choose the right pair […]

apartment building with a landlord wondering if soundproofing is beneficial for him

Is Soundproofing Beneficial for a Landlord?

The most common complaints landlords get from tenants are those that revolve around noises. When it comes to building codes though, apartments for rent aren’t required to have soundproofing. The codes all revolve around structural consistency. Still, those that reside on the landlord’s property surely have a right to enjoy […]

Couple sleeping in bed

How to Sleep Next to a Snoring Partner

There is nothing like that feeling of meeting someone new. It’s a whirlwind of excitement that culminates in the eventual sharing of a bed. Maybe that first night together, you noticed your partner snored, but you overlooked it for the stars in your eyes. Or you chalked it up to […]

Young boy screaming into a microphone simbolizing loud noise

How Many Decibels Can a Human Take?

According to the classic band AC/DC, “Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution.” But the dictionary respectfully disagrees, citing noise as a loud and disruptive sound. Noise doesn’t just come from music though, and often, like beauty, it’s in the ear of the beholder. Noises come from many things including machines, […]

Man wearing headphones wondering if they increase ear wax production

Do Headphones Increase Ear Wax Production?

It was revolutionary when headphones were first released. Consumers snapped them up like crazy because it made listening to music more personal. Do you remember your first pair of headphones? You probably treasured them for those moments of solitude or listening to music way past your bedtime so your parents […]

Noise cancelling earphones or earbuds
Earbuds, Noise-Cancelling

Can Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Cause Vertigo?

Today’s technology has made it possible to take our music along with us wherever we go without disturbing others. And preventing others from disturbing us thanks to noise-cancellation technology! One of the greatest to come out in the segment in recent times are the noise-cancelling wireless Bluetooth earbuds for they […]