How Can I Learn to Play the Violin on My Own

How Can I Learn to Play the Violin on My Own?

One of the best instruments you can learn how to play is the violin. Even if you decide to call it a fiddle, you’ll be creating soulful notes and dance-worthy tunes in no time with it! As with any instrument, you have the option to be self-taught instead of paying […]

How Much Does It Cost To Refret A Guitar

How Much Does It Cost to Refret a Guitar?

If you end up playing your guitar for some time, it might eventually have the frets start wearing out on it. That’s when it’ll need to go through a refretting process to restore its functionality. Although a complete refret is an uncommon repair request, it is something that does occasionally […]

10 Most Popular Songs For The Cello

10 Most Popular Songs for the Cello

The cello might be the world’s most delightful instrument. Not only can it carry a soulful melody, but it also provides a soothing lower harmony that adds depth to any arrangement. When you first start learning how to play the instrument, your instructor might have you play something familiar to […]

What happened over at The Gear Page

What Happened Over at The Gear Page?

The Gear Page provides a forum, resources, and trading area for guitar enthusiasts and people who love music. There is also a shop available where you can purchase branded t-shirts that represent the community. You have the option of becoming a supporting member at The Gear Page for a small […]

Young Boy Playing and Esteban Guitar - Esteban guitars - Good or just hype

Esteban Guitars: Good or Just Hype?

You might not recognize the name Stephen Paul. You could know the artist by his stage name, which is Esteban. The issue that people have with the guitars from Esteban involves how you can access them. They’re often sold through HSN, QVC, and other TV-based shopping networks. Is it safe […]

Best Violin Solos Or Interludes In Rock Songs Ever Recorded

Best Violin Solos and Interludes Found in Rock Songs

It isn’t always easy to find inspiration for your creativity. Although “writer’s block” is a famous expression to describe this issue, the obstacles to a successful production affect everyone who works in a creative career. Creativity blocks can be especially poignant for musicians. Not only are their lyrics to consider […]

Is my violin worth repairing

Is My Violin Worth Repairing?

Some old violins are worthless. Others are priceless once they’ve gone through a proper repair and restoration process. How can you know if your violin is worth repairing? Although it can feel nostalgic to find an older violin, it isn’t always worth the cost to repair it. Even if the […]