Girl Wondering Why Her Bose Soundlink Color is Not Charging [SOLVED]

Bose SoundLink Color Not Charging [SOLVED]

When you try to plug your Bose SoundLink Color in to charge it, does nothing happen? Does your SoundLink Color II not power up or charge?

It can be frustrating to have malfunctioning audio equipment, especially when you’re trying to relax at the end of a hard day. For most people, the issue is often a loose connection at the outlet or the device.

Whether you have the Bose SoundLink Color or Color II, the fix to the problem is often the same. By securing the connection at the receptacle or the unit’s port, you’ll get it to indicate a charge again.

If you’ve tried that step and it still won’t accept power, this guide will take you through the steps to reset the unit, make repairs, or create a work-around that lets you continue enjoying all of the benefits Bose offers.

Bose SoundLink Color Not Charging [SOLVED]

The fastest way to determine why a Bose SoundLink Color or Color 2 isn’t charging is to check all of your connections. If everything is secure, try using the cable to plug the device into a computer or laptop instead. When this step works, it is evidence of a faulty charger.

It is not unusual for chargers to wear out when using the Bose SoundLink Color or Color II. Although these devices are reliable, they’re a consumable product — much like the batteries you’re charging in the unit.

Once you’ve reached the maximum number of charging cycles the equipment can support, you won’t get any more power to your SoundLink.

The best way to check this option is to take your USB charger cord and plug it into another port.

Although a computer is an excellent option, you could also try the new smart receptacles from Sharper Image and others that include direct access to the energy you need.

If you get power from this step, that outcome means you have a bad charger.

When your Bose SoundLink or SoundLink II still won’t power up, that indicates you might need a new USB cable instead.

Although you could use another charger to test these components, it must have an output of 5VDC to use it safely. If it has a higher or lower rating on it, you don’t want to use it.

The charger should also have a current output in the range of 0.5 to 1.0 A or 500mA to 1,000mA.

If you don’t receive a charging light after taking these steps, you have one of two issues to consider.

The problem could be with the speaker itself, or both the charger and the cable have faults that prevent it from operating correctly.

■ How to Solve Battery Problems with Your Bose SoundLink

Some SoundLink Color devices have the batteries drain at a faster rate than expected.

This issue can lead to several problems with the device, including an inability to charge because it discharges the energy faster than it can store it.

You can also inadvertently turn on the Bose SoundLink, which can cause the battery to keep running.

The factory default will turn off the speaker automatically after 30 minutes, but you can alter the duration through the Bose Connect companion app.

The best way to maximize your battery life is to charge it fully after each user cycle.

You should get approximately six hours of playing time at a moderate volume. When your audio output is louder, the use cycle can get cut by 50%.

The typical lifespan of the battery for the Bose SoundLink Color and SoundLink Color II is approximately 300 charge cycles.

When you’ve taken these steps to resolve your battery issues and the device is still malfunctioning, it might require professional service. You’ll need the serial number for your device when placing a request through this link.

How to Reset a Bose SoundLink Speaker Correctly

If you believe the issue is with your Bose SoundLink speaker, you can reset it relatively painlessly.

This option works well when it won’t connect to your phone or mobile device, has an unstable Bluetooth connection, or doesn’t perform as expected with its audio.

When you reset your Bose SoundLink, it will clear the language selection setting. It also returns whatever changes you made to its settings to the way it was when the unit shipped from the factory.

Since you don’t have any personal data stored on the device, the reset process is relatively straightforward.

It only takes a few moments to return the SoundLink Color or SoundLink Color II to the customized settings you had.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Turn the power on for the device.
  2. Locate the AUX and VOLUME DOWN buttons on your SoundLink Color.
  3. Press and hold them simultaneously.
  4. Wait for approximately ten seconds. The device will notify you that the process is complete by having the Bluetooth light blink blue.
  5. A voice prompt will instruct you to select a language.

If you have a SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II from 2016 to the present, you’ll want to press and hold the POWER button for approximately ten seconds.

Once you’ve taken these steps, many minor problems with your SoundLink Color battery can resolve by themselves.

What if My Battery Fails to Take a Charge?

If your SoundLink battery continues to resist taking a charge, you’ll want to take the following steps to potentially correct the situation.

These steps can work if you have the product plugged in to charge, but the battery level is not increasing. You might also see indications that it isn’t accepting energy because of how it reacts to power.

  1. Check to see if the connected power outlet is working. If you plug in the device and don’t hear a tone, try moving it to another receptacle. You might also check your breaker box to ensure a fuse hasn’t tripped. It might also help to plug another device into the same outlet to see if it will work.
  2. Try a different charger with your Bose SoundLink Color or Color II. A charger with a higher current rating will charge your speaker faster than ones with a lower rating. Bose recommends a rating of 1 amp or higher for these units.
  3. The USB charger must meet the power requirements of the product specs. If your device is rating below 0.5 amps or 500mA, you’ll want to switch to a different device.
  4. Check through the Bose companion app to see if there are any updates that need to get installed. If there are, following the instructions on the product to ensure this step is completed correctly.
  5. You can switch the speaker over to Ship Mode as a way to reset the charging mechanism. Once you take this step, you’ll connect the speaker to power to exit the different mode, letting it charge for at least 60 minutes.
  6. If the issue resolves itself, you’ll want to look for any product updates that could get installed by visiting

After following these steps, your Bose SoundLink Color or Color II should start charging once again.

If it continues not to work as it should, you’ll want to fill out a service request online or take the product to a local repair shop for an evaluation.

■ How to Enable Ship Mode on a SoundLink Color Speaker

If you don’t want to do a complete reset of your SoundLink Color, you can put the speaker into Ship Mode.

This process often corrects battery charging issues when other techniques fail without requiring you to go through settings erasure.

You’ll want to follow these steps to have your device enter Ship Mode.

  1. Connect your SoundLink Color to a charger.
  2. Locate the PLAY/PAUSE button on the top of your speaker.
  3. Press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for at least 15 seconds.
  4. As you continue to hold the button, unplug the charger from the power source.
  5. Release the PLAY/PAUSE button.

Bose includes this feature with the SoundLink speakers to protect the battery from extended times of non-use.

If you want to return your SoundLink Color or Color II to its regular functioning, you only need to connect the unit to a charger.

It helps to let the battery get at least 60 minutes of uninterrupted charging before attempting to use it again.

Why Is My Battery Light Always Red?

The Bose SoundLink Color and Color II use a charging indicator light to tell you the battery’s status at a glance. When it turns red, you know that the power levels are low.

If you’re encountering an issue with your battery, the speaker might show a red LED status at all times.

When you have this issue, here are the possible resolutions you can take to correct the problem.

Check to see if the outlet is working.• You’ll want to verify that the outlet or computer port you have the SoundLink color connected to for charging is supplying energy.
• If you didn’t hear a tone after starting this process, try plugging a different unit into the same receptacle slot.
Reset the speaker.• When you reset your SoundLink speaker, the action works in the same way as rebooting a computer or smartphone.
• It is not unusual for an occasional reset to be necessary to correct minor problems.
Request professional services for the speaker.• If you’ve followed all of the steps from this entire guide without success, your Bose SoundLink might need professional assistance.
• You’ll be given information about setting this up online or a contact number for a local provider.
Provide power for at least 15 continuous minutes.• When the battery in this speaker gets entirely drained, it needs at least 15 minutes of direct charging before power restoration is possible.
• Please don’t disconnect it until you’ve verified the unit turns on and plays sound from an AC power source.
Install a product update.• If you’re not using the companion app from Bose, the speaker might have had an incomplete update at some point during its operational life.
• By connecting it to this system, you can get the changes that can resolve this issue.

What If My Bose SoundLink Turns On and Off By Itself?

When you notice problems with the SoundLink Color or Color II not charging, some additional symptoms might be on display for you to manage.

One of the most common issues involves the speaker turning itself on and off periodically.

If the power to the SoundLink seems intermittent, you can follow these steps to see if the issue can get fixed.

  • Use the speaker while it is connected to an outlet. If your SoundLink works when it has a connection to your primary AC circuits, you’ll need to follow the steps to reset the device.
  • Avoid having inactivity. The speaker automatically turns off at the default time setting when using battery power when no interactions or connections occur. If this issue happens frequently, you’ll want to get into the Bose Connect app to change your settings.
  • Check the battery level. When your battery is extremely low, the SoundLink Color might turn on briefly before shutting itself off. This pattern will get faster in its cycle the more that it repeats. You’ll need to give the speaker at least 15 minutes of continuous charging before trying to restore functionality.
  • Complete a factory reset. By following the factory reset procedures, you can eliminate whatever errors might have developed while using the speaker. 

Although it is rare, the Bose SoundLink can turn on and off by itself when there’s a slightly disconnected wire within the unit. If you’ve tried all of these steps without success, this issue could be the problem.

Your warranty might cover this repair. You’ll want to speak with Bose directly about what to do in your specific situation.

Bose SoundLink Color vs. Bose SoundLink Color II

If you want a fantastic portable speaker that works in virtually any condition, two of the best options on the market are Bose’s SoundLink Color and the SoundLink Color II.

Although both speakers are relatively the same, you’ll find a few small changes that could make a world of difference when choosing one to play your favorite songs and audio.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth SpeakerBose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth Speaker
• This speaker features a public review rating average of 4.5 across all platforms.• Has double the reviews and ratings online while maintaining a 4.6 standard.
• The price is generally around $120 or higher unless the product is on sale.• This speaker typically retails for $130 or higher across most e-commerce platforms.
• It uses Bluetooth, USB, and AUX for user connectivity.• If you choose this option, you’ll get NFC connectivity in addition to what comes with the original.
• The Bose SoundLink Color uses an active speaker type.• The Bose SoundLink Color II also operates from an active speaker type.
• These speakers offer wireless and portable features to create a pleasant user experience.• The Color II speakers offer the same basic design concepts for wireless use and portability.
• The SoundLink Color uses a black plastic housing.• You have more color choices to consider with the SoundLink Color II.
• Users receive a 9.1m wireless connectivity range with this speaker.• This upgrade delivers a 10m connectivity range and supports Wi-Fi connections.

If you can afford the SoundLink II, you’ll find it has a passive radiator to deliver a broader set of bass frequencies.

It comes with a neodymium magnet, and you’ll also get a mute function for those times when you need to make things quiet instantly.

When you listen to the Bose SoundLink Color, you’re getting access to the updated Bluetooth version. It is also 3mm narrower than the Color II and slightly shorter.

These products shouldn’t be confused with the Bose Micro versions, which deliver a similar sound profile in a more compact package.

Are You Still Have Trouble With Your Bose SoundLink Speakers?

One reason why your Bose SoundLink speakers might be malfunctioning after going through this guide’s steps is an unsuccessful update.

If you are unable to complete or start an update through the app, you’ll want to try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable first.

It should be fully seated at the port to ensure energy and information go to the unit. Even a small jiggle can sometimes reset the connections to fix the problem.

When you’re using a computer to connect your Bose speaker to its updates, the firewall or antivirus software on your device could be interfering with the process.

It’s also possible for pop-up blockers to cause problems during your troubleshooting work. You’ll want to disable these items to attempt a fix, and please remember to re-enable them after.

It can get frustrating when your Bose SoundLink Color or Color II speakers don’t want to take a charge. When you follow the different steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to a proper solution!

If you don’t have these speakers yet or want to add to your collection, you’ll find that Bose delivers an outstanding product with both designs.


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