What happened to AudioKarma

What Happened to AudioKarma?

AudioKarma is an audio forum that continues to run on a subscriber membership platform. In 2007, the group behind the site unveiled a $25 annual fee to become a regular member.

It was initially created to allow PayPal payments only to become a subscriber, but the group offered to perform manual changes to those who mailed in a check or money order.

For those who decided to become a member, the $25 fee increased PM capacity, added more space to the user album, and granted the ability to delete posts.

What Happened to AudioKarma?

Nothing has happened to AudioKarma. You can still access the forums by visiting the audiokarma.org website. If you want to join the community, you can do so for free or pay $25 annually to unlock multiple perks and benefits.

Anyone can access the AudioKarma forums to read the discussions and information available on each chain.

The goal is to make the platform safe and fun for everyone, so the venue reserves the right to edit content, restrict it, or refuse service to anyone.

What makes AudioKarma unique is that it hosts different forums within its own forum platform. That’s why it is essential for anyone who joins to become familiar with all of the rules.

What Are AudioKarma’s Rules?

Here are the expectations to follow, whether you join for free, have a paid account, or browse the conversations without registering.

Basic Rules:Everyone must be respectful at all times and use their common sense when posting.
Do not try to get around the rules of AudioKarma.
Specific Rules:Engaging in name-calling or insults while on a forum is prohibited.
Thread-capping, which is disrespecting the topic or its intention, is not allowed.
Any spamming results in an immediate, permanent ban.
Users should post in the forum that best fits their topic.No duplicate threads or topics are typically allowed.
Profane content is not permitted.
The forum does not permit religious, political, sexist, racist, or pornographic posts.
Crusading and trolling are not allowed.
All auction links and value questions must be in the Dollars and Sense forum.
Users may have only one account on the forum.
Forum Rules:Different forums have specific rules for people to follow when posting.
Each user is responsible for reviewing the guidelines at the top of each page, listed as a sticky thread.
Failing to abide by the forum rules can trigger a ban.
Advertising Rules:No advertising is allowed on AudioKarma except under specific rules that get strictly applied.
Any offers to buy, sell, or trade must occur in Barter Town.
All businesses must receive vendor pre-approval before promoting or advertising anything.
Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to AudioKarma cannot make an offer to buy, sell, or trade on the platform.
Solicitation Rules:Charitable requests, personal pleas, or similar posts are not allowed on AudioKarma.
Personal causes are never endorsed unless the support occurs in the Charities and Christmas forum.
Application Rules:All of the rules on AudioKarma apply to the entire profile, including user titles, signatures, post content, avatars, and private messages.
All PMs and emails remain private unless submitted to the administrators as part of a complaint.
Content posted on AudioKarma falls under the current copyright laws.
Moderation Rules:Posts are subject to deletion or editing if they’ve been found to violate the platform’s rules.
Repetitive violations can result in account suspension.
The volunteer moderators have the right to ban accounts that flagrantly disregard the rules permanently.

Is It Worthwhile to Subscribe to AudioKarma?

If you want to become an AudioKarma member, there is no charge related to that opportunity. You can sign up for an account today as you would with any other site.

Once you’re a forum member, you have the right to post or comment on the various discussion chains maintained by the community.

When you want to buy, sell, or trade on AudioKarma, you’ll need to purchase the $25 subscriber fee to interact with others. If you don’t pay that fee, you’re not given the right to conduct business on the platform.

Since it’s not always easy to preview the Bartertown or tell how many active accounts there are on that part of the forum, it’s only natural to wonder if the investment makes sense.

The answer to the subscriber fee value depends on what you want to get from AudioKarma’s Bartertown.

You’ll find that most of the listings tend to involve gear from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. It’s an excellent place to find vintage items to complete your setup, repair equipment, or pursue a collection.

When you want to browse for something more modern or shop for high-dollar items, you might find better choices somewhere like Amazon or Audiogon.

All it takes is one deal to turn your investment into a profit-making venture. If you need gear, it’s worth the $25 to take a year-long peek at what people offer.

Are There Disadvantages of Joining AudioKarma?

Despite the rules that AudioKarma posted more than a decade ago, there can be some discussion issues on some threads. People get quite passionate about politics and religion, and those conversations often lead away from the topic.

When you first access AudioKarma, you might be taken to a redirect page. The content makes it seem like there isn’t a forum available to use, but you are taken quickly to the primary threads you can review.

Most AudioKarma members are collectors. It can feel like some of the threads focus on instant gratifications instead of realistic advice. You’ll want to seek out the hi-fi enthusiasts on this site to get the best advice.

If you’re unsure of how relevant responses are, it helps to ask people to describe their gear. You’ll know if they understand good sound by the descriptions offered.

As with any site, you can always find elitists without doing much searching. If you’ve reviewed the threads and feel like you’re out of place, it’s probably worth looking at a different forum.

When the conversations make you feel like you’re in your element, the $25 subscriber fee makes more sense.

Alternatives to AudioKarma to Consider

If you get tired of the vintage bias at AudioKarma, there are some alternative forums to consider trying. You’ll find hi-fi conversations are typically more available on DIYAudio and the AVS forum.

Another option is called AudioCircle. Many threads on this forum feature debates about using smaller manufacturers instead of more prominent brand names.

You can also try websites like AudioAsylum or HydrogenAudio to find the help you need as an audiophile.

The one advantage that AudioKarma offers over these alternatives is its organization. It’s much easier to find the specific threads you need for your gear.

Should I Join the AudioKarma Community?

AudioKarma can be a somewhat sensitive community. The moderators and volunteers have the final say on what is a sales-related post, and their interpretation doesn’t always match with the author’s expectation.

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Can you find deals on products like a Pioneer receiver or a Bose Soundbar 700 with Alexa? Absolutely!

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You’ll also find threads where people talk about how they scored fantastic deals from people who didn’t have a clue about what they were selling.

It’s all about the approach you want to take when using AudioKarma. If you’ve reviewed the site, its rules, and the different advantages it offers, you could find some incredible deals waiting for you!


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