Siglos Karaoke Professional Software

Siglos Karaoke Professional Software

When you select the Siglos Karaoke Professional software for your PC, you can run events on your computer.

It’s much more comfortable than carrying hundreds of disks that could get damaged or lost during a show.

Since the software comes with a two-screen display feature, you can operate individual songs with ease to make everything more fun for the participants.

The producers have worked to improve the software’s display functionality so that everyone can read the lyrics comfortably.

It even keeps singers in the established rotation to minimize arguments. Instead of asking who is next, you can let people know when their turn will be.

What Is Siglos Karaoke Professional Software?

Siglos Karaoke Professional software provides GJ support to virtually any PC. Instead of carrying each song on disks or flash drives, you can use this software to establish a library. Singers can make several alterations to make their performance as fun as possible.

You’ll find that the feature list for the Siglos Karaoke Professional software provides the firm foundation needed for laughter and fun during your next social event.

Best Features of the Siglos Karaoke Professional Software

Advanced Karaoke Player:• When you select the Siglos Karaoke Professional software for your PC, you’re using a high-quality player engine that lets videos, images, or live cameras provide the backgrounds during a performance.
Multiple Format Support:• If you select this karaoke software for your PC, you’ll receive format support for MID, KAR, KMA, MCG, BIN, ZIP, and MP3G files.
• It also supports standard MPEG and AVI video formats.
• When you need to play a CD-G disc from your collection, you’ll need to use a burner that converts the file first before the software will recognize the music.
External Screen Support:• When you set up your PC to support multiple displays, the primary program window displays on yours while the karaoke lyrics go to the external screen.
Massive Song Database:• The karaoke software uses its database to scan your HDD to find and index your songs.
• It then delivers a simple search interface that lets you find what you need in seconds.
• This technology even reads the ID3 tags and applies file matching rules.
Singer Rotation Management:• It’s much easier to keep everyone happy with this feature of the karaoke software. 
• Each singer gets placed into a queue.
• Everyone gets the chance to sing once before it cycles through the rotation a second time.
• You can even let people know how long to wait until it is their turn.
Singer Announcements:• The Siglos software displays an automatic introduction screen when used with an external display.
• Singers will see their name and song choice appear on the screen.
• You even have the option to customize this display.
Silence Detector:• Most songs have silence at the beginning and the ending of each track.
• This feature lets you skip those seconds so that you can play more songs and avoid uncomfortable moments.
Key and Tempo Changes:• You can adjust the pitch of any song to benefit the singer’s voice.
• The software also lets you speed up or slow down the melody as needed to keep pace.

▪️ Additional Features You Receive with Siglos Karaoke Professional Software

When you have a powerful desktop or laptop to use with the Siglos Karaoke Professional software, you’ll find that several features can maximize your use of this product.

The best option is the fill-in playlist. When you don’t have someone stepping up to the microphone, the software will play something for everyone to enjoy.

That means you can avoid switching to MP3s or a CD player, and it’ll even fade the music in and out as you need it.

If you have frequent singers, the karaoke software keeps their song history intact so that they can keep singing their favorite songs.

It makes the selection process fast and comfortable in almost every situation.

There is an automatic mode incorporated into the software that Siglos calls “autopilot.”

If you need to leave for a few minutes, the external display will show the singer announcement for a specific time before starting the next song.

You can also switch to a playlist view whenever it is necessary to get more information than what displays in the rotation view.

▪️ What If a Singer Brings a CD-G Disk?

If you have a singer who prefers to perform from a track they bring to the party, you can still play a CD-G disk without going through the full conversion process.

The steps to accomplish this outcome are relatively straightforward.

  • Select the “Add CD+G disk track” option from the menu choices.
  • Choose the track number that the singer wants to perform with the software.
  • Insert the disk at the appropriate time so that the performance happens as expected.

The Siglos Karaoke Professional software does not copy songs from the CD-G disks because that action is typically illegal.

If you don’t have a CD-G disk, the software can export songs from the internal database to an XML or CSV file.

Once you have that information prepared, you can create a songbook or use another software tool for that service.

Each software purchase comes with a per-user license. It doesn’t require an Internet connection to activate or use. That means you can install this product on all of the computers you control.

The current price of the Siglos Karaoke Professional software is $99.

Discounts are available for those who own other branded software products or the Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder.

What Do I Need to Play Siglos Karaoke Professional Software on PC?

You have a few options available to consider if you want to run Siglos Karaoke Professional software on your computer.

The best option is to use a desktop or laptop with Windows 10 installed as the operating system.

Your computer should have at least 2 GB RAM available to use, but it tends to work the best on systems with 8 GB RAM.

You can use the karaoke software on PCs that use Windows 8 or Windows 7 as the operating system. Some users might find that some features don’t work as well with an older installation.

Users that still have Windows Vista or XP installed can also use the Siglos software, but it doesn’t always function as expected in that situation.

If you use an iMac, MacBook, or Mac Mini, you must use a Windows emulator before this software functions. It is not currently compatible with macOS.

When you want the capability of playing a CD-G disk for your karaoke experiences, you’ll need a drive that can read those subcodes.

Most of today’s equipment provides that service, but it isn’t a guaranteed result.

You have the option to download a trial version of the software to evaluate if it can function on your equipment.

FAQ About Siglos Karaoke Professional Software

If you’re thinking about using Siglos Karaoke Professional software, here are some of the common FAQ others have had about this investment.

▪️ Do I need to pay for software updates?

When you purchase Siglos Karaoke Professional software, it provides 12 months of free support and updates. Any version released during that time applies to the per-user license.

After that first year, you’ll need to purchase a renewal package to continue receiving updates. You can continue using the original version.

▪️ Is it possible to create commercial tracks?

Siglos provides consumers with the appropriate licensing to create commercial tracks. Several karaoke companies use this product.

▪️ Why won’t the software unlock for me?

The easiest way to enter your code to unlock the software is to select the entire key from your email using the copy-and-paste methodology.

When you take that step, it should populate all of the fields in the Unlock dialog box.

You’ll want to check your email address to ensure it doesn’t contain any typos. The unlock code depends on its accuracy for a successful outcome.

If those options aren’t working for you, Siglos invites you to send a screenshot of the issue to their customer support team to find a resolution.

▪️ Why did I get overcharged for my transaction?

When you purchase Siglos Karaoke Professional software online, the company behind the product processes the transaction in Polish Zloty.

That means the price you see on your statement is either in PLN or converted to your preferred currency.

What you might see in this situation is a foreign transaction fee. The company must follow fiscal regulations that require charges to occur in Zloty.

That means you could be paying 3.5% or more to your card provider to process the transaction.

Verdict on the Siglos Karaoke Professional Software

If you love to throw karaoke parties, run a bar, or want to have fun at home with your family, then Siglos Karaoke Professional software seems like an excellent investment.

I highly recommend using this software on a Dell computer running Windows 10 Home to get the best results.

Although you can find several models available today, I’ve found that these three options provide the most consistent outcomes.

Each one offers high RAM numbers, appropriate processing power, and enough storage to have a positive user experience.

If you love to sing, Siglos Karaoke Professional software installed on a Dell system can provide countless fun evenings with the people you love the most.

It can also serve as a side hustle in a post-2020 world to boost your cash!


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