Musical Scale Finder Tool

Musical Scale Finder Tool

One of the best ways to warm up your voice or to start playing an instrument is to learn the musical scales.

Most people learn the bass and treble clef scales as part of their initial orientation to singing or playing. If you’ve gone through those steps already, you might know a phrase like “Great Big Dogs Fight Animals” to remember the G-B-D-F-A sequence.

Another benefit to consider when learning musical scales involves chord identification. If you can find complementary notes to the ones offered in a composition, you can produce unique harmonies that personalize each piece.

If you’re looking for a musical scale finder tool, here are the best options available to consider right now.

List of the Top Musical Scale Finder Tools

Musical scale finder tools allow you to identify the correct key of a song, progressive chords for composing, or ways to improve melodies.

The following software tools deliver impressive results without requiring a significant investment.

1. Scales-Chords Musician Tool Scale Finder

When you select this musical scale finder tool, you’ll have access to chord progression identification techniques that enable underlying identification.

Numerous scales are available in modern music, but many of them are rarely used.

If you select this option, you can include several advanced features to identify the scales and chords you prefer.

Scale Types IncludedChord Suggestions OfferedChords-Scales Focus
You receive access to all of the standard scale types included in modern music.You can include the major, minor, and other common triads with the chord suggestions.You can enter up to five chord keys and types when entering the progressive chords.
It includes the Greek Mode Scales.Suspended chords are offered with the finder.The tool allows you to focus on scales with specific notes.
You can look for the Altered Greek Scales, such as Locrian 6 or Lydian 9.The tool accommodates the four-note chords, such as the sixes and sevens.
Western Music Scales are searchable, including overtone and double harmonic.If you need to search for five-note or six-note chords, you can include the 9th, 11th, and 13th with this tool.
Ethnic Scales are a possibility, ranging from Hungarian to Persian.

This scale finder tool is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start creating their own music or understand how to complete other compositions.

It’s one of the most complete resources you’ll discover online, and you can access the information for free at your convenience.

2. ShowScale Musical Scale Finder Tool

If you select this scale tool, you’ll have a straightforward resource to use. It helps you find the key to your music so that you can target whatever chords or progressions you need to see in your composition.

The free resource provides a basic visual identifier of the chord selected. You’ll see an octave represented by piano keys on the left side of your browser screen.

Once you choose the scale you prefer, the primary chord will change the color of the appropriate key.

When you select multiple notes, you’ll receive a more targeted selection.

It isn’t as easy to use as other scale finders because the goal is to have you download a free MIDI pack with sound files.

If you need to find a quick chord, you’ll get that job done in a few seconds. You can discover more information about this resource at

3. NickFever Musical Scale Finder Tool

Instead of navigating through various note selections and dropdown menus, this fast scale finder delivers impressive results in seconds. It helps you find the modes and scales based on your root note.

It also provides the information needed to switch keys accurately when working on an existing composition.

Once you navigate to the NickFever scale website, all you need to do is click on the preferred note to get the information you need.

It covers numerous scale options, including Bebop, Ahava Raba, and Mixolydian.

4. Scale Finder Musical Scale Finder Tool

This app is available through Google Play. Written by Alex Beschler, it delivers a straightforward way to identify specific musical scales.

You can follow these steps to access this musical scale finder tool.

  1. Navigate to the Google Play store or head directly to the app’s page.
  2. Authorize the app for your device.
  3. Once installed, you’ll want to activate the app to have it load.
  4. After the scale finder becomes active, you can enter the different notes that you know in the scale on the appropriate line.
  5. Click on the “Find Scale” button.
  6. You’ll see a list of the various scales populate for your reference.

You can repeat the search mechanism as many times as you’d like to find whatever key or progression works with your identified notes.

This app is not currently available for iOS.

5. Ten Kettles Scale Finder Tool

If you have JavaScript enabled for your browser, you can take advantage of this straightforward musical scale finder tool from Ten Kettles.

Although it was initially built for Waay students, you can take advantage of its simplistic identification approach.

You’ll find a textbox on the site. All you need to do is enter the notes into it based on what you know.

For this example, we’ll use the “G#-E-A-D” combination.

After typing in the notes, you’ll see that there are three scales available to review: A major, A harmonic minor, and F# minor.

If you remove the D note from the combination to have “G#-E-A,” you’ll discover three more scales that fit the progression.

The Waay app lets you learn music theory from the comfort of your iOS device. It currently sells at $5.99. If all you need is the musical scale finder tool, it is available for free.

How to Maximize Your Musical Scale Finder Tool

If you play the piano, finding the right musical scale is a relatively straightforward process.

Once you identify the notes you want to play, the right tool lets you transcribe to a different key or identify different progressions to create a 100% unique piece.

When you play an electric guitar, that process isn’t as easy. You’ve got individual strings and chord strums to manage while staying within each key and routing the sounds electronically to your board.

That’s why having access to an accurate guitar tuner that works with your pedal case or kit is essential to your success.

Korg FBA_PB-MINI Guitar Tuner
  • Small Size
  • Large Display
  • +/- 0. 1 Cents Tuning Accuracy
  • Battery / DC9V Power
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KORG FBA PB Mini Guitar Tuner

The best electric guitar tuner to use today is the KORG Mini. It’s small enough that you’ll find enough space for it on your pedalboard without difficulty. You’ll receive a highly visible display that quickly identifies the notes you place.

It delivers a tuning accuracy of 0.1% positive or negative, ensuring that the notes you play have the precision you need. You’ll also receive bypass switching and the option to operate off of DC 9V power.

You can pair it with KORG Sledgehammer Pro, which is a clip-on tuner, to receive the same benefits.

It doesn’t come with the 9-volt power, but you can use any 9v pedal power, such as a Powerall connection, to achieve the results you want.

You’ll find that the right combination of a musical scale finder tool and the KORG Mini Guitar Tuner can help your playing reach new levels on guitar.

By accessing or downloading the tools you need today, you can take your compositions and performances to the next level.


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