Baby sleeping in a soundproof nursery

How to Soundproof a Baby’s Room

Babies are certainly precious little creatures. That is, when it’s YOUR baby. If it’s not and you’re kept up all night by the neighbor’s baby, it doesn’t matter how cute that kid is. It’s annoying. Even if you don’t have neighbors in close proximity, like say in the adjacent apartment, […]

Doors without weather stripping letting in a lot of noise

Does Weather Strip Help with Noise?

As the name implies, weather stripping is something that you use on exterior doors to help keep the weather out. Anyone who has ever had one wear out knows all too well how rain can get in under the door, not to mention bugs. Weather stripping also helps keep temperature […]

apartment building with a landlord wondering if soundproofing is beneficial for him

Is Soundproofing Beneficial for a Landlord?

The most common complaints landlords get from tenants are those that revolve around noises. When it comes to building codes though, apartments for rent aren’t required to have soundproofing. The codes all revolve around structural consistency. Still, those that reside on the landlord’s property surely have a right to enjoy […]

Couple sleeping in bed

How to Sleep Next to a Snoring Partner

There is nothing like that feeling of meeting someone new. It’s a whirlwind of excitement that culminates in the eventual sharing of a bed. Maybe that first night together, you noticed your partner snored, but you overlooked it for the stars in your eyes. Or you chalked it up to […]