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How to Sleep Next to a Snoring Partner

There is nothing like that feeling of meeting someone new. It’s a whirlwind of excitement that culminates in the eventual sharing of a bed. Maybe that first night together, you noticed your partner snored, but you overlooked it for the stars in your eyes. Or you chalked it up to all that wine you drank before taking your evening into the bedroom.

As the relationship progresses and you spend more time sleeping next to each other, inevitably there comes a time when your lack of sleep due to your partner’s snoring makes you crabby. You start to resent them as they dream peacefully, blissfully unaware that you’re wide awake and can’t fall back asleep.

In the early stages of a relationship, we’re so quick to forgive and overlook any flaws. But once you’ve been together a while, perhaps even married for some time, a snoring partner is anything but cute. In fact, you may have to restrain yourself from clunking them on the head with pillows (or something heavier) or yelling at them to shut up.

You may have even tried a few tricks to remedy the situation, but that resentment really builds up after time. The thing is though, many people snore for many reasons and if everything else is great in your relationship but for this sleep disturbance, you should find a way to tune it out.

And there’s some great news because you CAN tune it out! It’s easier than ever to make those loud sound your partner makes (the kind that make you swear they’ll suck the curtains off the windows) fade away so you too can get the kind of peaceful sleep you deserve.

Tired of this vicious cycle and lack of sleep? Then keep reading to find out some truly effective ways for getting the sleep you need, even next to a snoring partner.

Reasons why people snore

Loud snorers can wake a deep sleeper as easily as a light sleeper. It’s hard when you’re woken up by snoring because once you realize it’s not a burglar or the dog vomiting on the rug, it’s hard to settle back down. And that anger you feel is very real. The more you lie awake staring at the ceiling fan, the angrier you get that you were disturbed.

But why is your partner snoring? That should be your biggest question, for in the answer, you might just find the solution. There are many things that can cause a person to snore and sometimes by targeting those things, you can stop the snoring.

– Age

As we age, snoring becomes more normal for both men and women. Your throat gets narrower and the muscles there become weaker. This combination makes it more likely for snoring to take place with every passing revolution you make around the sun. This is why older couples that have been together for a while might not have a problem until their 10-year anniversary. The snoring might not have been an issue in the beginning but it certainly is now. Unfortunately with age, you can’t turn back time so keep reading to find out how to stop a snoring partner from disturbing your sleep.

– Weight

Added weight also plays a role, even if it’s just a little bit. The fatty tissue puts a strain on the lungs and respiratory system which leads to snoring. Being overweight is never good for the health, so finding a healthy balance is the key to helping your partner, not just with snoring but for overall health.

– Men

While women can and do snore, it’s usually the man in the relationship that will snore the loudest. Men naturally have more narrow airways so it makes them predisposed to more snoring.

– Sleep position

The way you sleep has much to do with snoring too. Those that sleep on their backs make it easier for snoring. Try to nudge your partner so they sleep on their side. You can even make them hit themselves with their own arms. It’s certainly fun to watch though you might not be able to fall back asleep from laughing.

– Medications

Certain medications for other ailments can also cause snoring to take place. If your partner is on prescription medications, you should urge them to talk to their doctor about it.

– Drinking and smoking

If you drink and smoke, you have a greater chance of snoring too. If your partner only snores after a night out at the bar, it’s likely due to their drinking and smoking habits.

– Sinuses

Sinus problems can also be a snoring problem for many. Sometimes, it’s temporary, as in with a cold, but other times, there are chronic issues. Your partner would definitely benefit from having it checked out by the doctor.

So these are the things that cause snoring, but how do you make that snoring stop or at least stop the snoring from disturbing you? If you keep reading, you’ll find out!

How to sleep next to a snoring partner

You might love your partner, but your sleep is important too. That doesn’t mean you need to sleep in separate bedrooms forever (or even separate homes!) to get the shut-eye you so desperately need. Here are some tips for enjoying sleeping next to the one you love without wanting to throttle them for their annoying snoring.

– Go to bed before your snoring partner

One of the easiest ways to get your sleep is to go to bed before the snorer turns in for the night. You eliminate that angst as you wait for them to fall asleep and snore. And should that snoring wake you up in the middle of the night, you at least get more sleep this way. Sometimes, you might find if you pull this trick, you’ll be in such a deep state of sleep by the time your partner pulls the sheets up around themselves that you will sleep through any of their snoring.

– Use a tennis ball

No, we’re not suggesting to use a tennis ball to throw into their face when they snore! Instead, we suggest you sew one onto the back of their pajamas. When they roll onto their back, the tennis ball will be quite uncomfortable, forcing them to roll onto their side. When side-sleeping, it is less likely snoring would take place.

For some of you, this trick will be great. For others though, especially those who have partners that sleep in the buff, it’s going to be a bit harder to sew a tennis ball, so keep reading!

– Use white noise

White noise machines are amazing. They can help people with insomnia. They can drown out city sounds and the sounds from neighbors. And they can absolutely help you drown out the sounds coming from your snoring partner so you can get a good night’s sleep in a calm and serene surrounding. Many new parents use them to help babies fall asleep. If you haven’t yet had kids but are planning to someday, you can get a white noise machine which will serve the whole family well.

– Record them

Does your partner think you’re making up a story about their snoring? Then use technology in your favor. Sometimes, snorers might not deny they snore, but they still may not have any clue exactly how loud the snoring is. By recording a snippet of them snoring during their sleep, they might be more willing to get help with it.

For example, if your snorer is overweight but hasn’t done anything about it, perhaps seeing and hearing their snoring will be enough to propel them to the doctor’s office to get checked out.

Of course, this might all backfire. Your partner might get mad at you for recording them or they might blame the acoustics of your bedroom for amplifying the sound. It might be worth a shot though to get them to understand why you’re having trouble sleeping and help you find a solution that works for both of you.

– Get an anti-snore pillow

Sometimes it’s just as simple as getting the right tools for the job. In this case, an anti-snore pillow. These pillows are specially designed to correct the position of the head. They support the head and neck to open up the airways for proper breathing. This helps keep them from snoring. EPABO’s Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow is quite effective for squelching snoring and a lot of people swear by it.

– Use earplugs

Earplugs are one last option you can use to block out the snoring sounds. High-quality earplugs like the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs or these by Honeywell can cancel out the noise instead of just muffling it. You want it to fit nice and snug in your ears, so it won’t fall out in the night, allowing your eardrums to be assaulted with snores.

How to Block Snoring Noises

If you simply can’t stand another minute of your partner’s snoring and you’ve tried these other methods, you should try to block out the snoring noises completely. These tips are ideal for the light sleeper who still can’t get any sleep next to their snorer.

– Check mobile apps

If money is tight, you can use mobile apps instead of a white noise machine. Just browse the apps on your smartphone or tablet and you’ll find many free options. Most of them allow you to select from a choice of sounds that provide a white noise effect. Because we each find different sounds soothing, take some time to listen to each of them to see what makes you most comfortable. Some love the sound of waves or rain while others love the sound of the fan. And of course, plenty are just happy with the white noise setting that most of these free apps come with. You can use headphones with it or simply play it in the entire room, though we think headphones will help you forget about the snorer better.

– Sleep headphones

Sure, you can use regular headphones, but that might be uncomfortable to you. Luckily, there are sleep headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 20 (Check out the current price on Amazon) which are my personal favorites, not only because of their superior sound quality but also because they completely block out sounds when sleeping, granted they come with a hefty price tag but it was worth it to me. They are soft and comfortable, allowing you to listen to white noise, ambient music, or anything else to mask the sounds of snoring from your partner.

– Sleep earplugs

They make earplugs for all kinds of reasons. Some are designed for those that operate heavy machinery to help protect their ears from the sound. And then there are the kind that are designed for sleeping. The ones made for sleep are a bit more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than jamming earplugs into your ears when your partner snores and noticing how they feel in your ears. The resentment builds even more, like a volcano on the verge of erupting.

So get the ones made for sleep and you will still love your partner. These are designed with an NRR 31 formula to drop the surrounding sounds by 31 decibels which is enough to block out snoring. They don’t tend to pinch either, which makes them wonderfully comfortable for a peaceful sleep.

– Earmuffs

Regular earmuffs would certainly be uncomfortable, but they make sleeping earmuffs that can be fantastic for tuning out your snoring partner. Often, travelers use these on long-haul flights so they can sleep without being disturbed by other passengers, but you can use them in your own bedroom to tune out your partner. They’re flat so you can turn onto either side as you like and sleep comfortably.

– Practice relaxation techniques

When you hear your partner snore, it’s hard to suppress the anger. Why should they get to sleep when you lie there awake? Why should you wake up and feel tired while they feel great? When you have a sleep deficit, especially one caused by your partner’s snoring, it’s very easy to let that anger build up.

That anger can destroy your health though. On top of not getting enough sleep, you’re fueling a fire that will burn and burn until you explode with rage. The stress of it is enough to do serious damage to your health.

For this reason, we highly recommend that, in addition to these other suggestions we’ve highlighted, you practice relaxation techniques. Try a yoga sequence for bedtime, breathing exercises, or even meditations. Keep to a healthy exercise plan during the day too. These have all been proven for getting better sleep. Not only that, they can help you fall asleep faster. They also have the distinct benefit of releasing that tension and anger, making you feel happier and more fulfilled overall.

– Play some music on low

If you have a sound system in your room already, you can use it by switching on music to distract yourself. It pulls the focus away from that wretched snoring so you can sleep. Your best bet is to choose music you like that you find relaxing. Now is probably not the time to put on your best-of collection of 80s and 90s hairbands.

Instead, choose something that’s ambient and relaxing so you tune out. Meditation music can help too because it often has no words and sends your mind into the deep where that beautiful thing called sleep is waiting for you.

No sound system? Try putting your laptop or Smart TV to YouTube and playing videos. They have ones for healing frequencies that are designed to help you sleep better and tune your mind into positive energy instead.

– Try combining different solutions 

It’s important to note that not every solution will be right for you and your snoring partner. You may need to use a combination of these things to achieve sleep perfection next to the snoring one.

Try using the sleeping earplugs and earmuffs together, or use the white noise machine while wearing the earplugs. Choose to meditate while listening to relaxing music. Put that tennis ball under your partner and turn up the ambient sounds. The key is experimenting to discover what works for you to bring you harmony and peace while sleeping.

Different approaches are most important to find what works for you. It also depends on how loudly your partner snores. Ideally, you’ll convince them to get checked out to ensure the snoring isn’t being caused by something serious. Then you can take steps to keep the snoring from bothering you.


Sleep is supposed to be that special time of day when you let your body recharge. It’s when your cells work to rejuvenate and refresh from your skin to your inner organs. Curling up next to the one you love after a long and busy day should be a joy, not a source of frustration. When it is, you have to address the problem of their snoring.

You deserve good sleep too. You could kick your partner out but the reality is that if you love them while you’re both awake, that’s not the best plan. Plus, the next person you’re with will likely snore too.

That constant disruption from snoring isn’t just in the air. You can feel it in the bedding sometimes, vibrating through your core. That’s why an anti-snore pillow should be among your choices for creating a silent space for sleep.

If you truly can’t sleep because your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake, you should absolutely try these tricks. Love can be grand, but sleep is essential for your health. Without it, you’ll be looking at a shorter lifespan. Plus, no one wants to go around feeling tired and angry all the time.

The sad reality is that sleep problems after more than one third of adults. Many people don’t feel refreshed when they wake. Perhaps your partner does for they’ve been snoring away all night, but you certainly feel even more tired than when you crawled into bed the night before.

The only thing you can do is make a plan to get more sleep. Talk to your partner about their snoring and ask them to help. If they love you, they will try out new pillows, sleep on their side, and work with you to give you the peace you need for sleep. They might just be in denial though, something that has nothing to do with their love for you, so prepare yourself with items we’ve talked about above. Combining them together will most assuredly secure your sleep.

Once you start waking up refreshed each day, you’ll find a newfound love for your partner you never thought possible. Imagine being able to fall asleep and wake up next to the one you love without wanting to clobber them with pillows all night for disturbing your sleep. The only thing that trumps true love is a perfectly peaceful and quiet sleep, so make sure you’re getting it now!


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