How Much Does It Cost To Refret A Guitar

How Much Does It Cost to Refret a Guitar?

If you end up playing your guitar for some time, it might eventually have the frets start wearing out on it. That’s when it’ll need to go through a refretting process to restore its functionality. Although a complete refret is an uncommon repair request, it is something that does occasionally […]

Young Boy Playing and Esteban Guitar - Esteban guitars - Good or just hype

Esteban Guitars: Good or Just Hype?

You might not recognize the name Stephen Paul. You could know the artist by his stage name, which is Esteban. The issue that people have with the guitars from Esteban involves how you can access them. They’re often sold through HSN, QVC, and other TV-based shopping networks. Is it safe […]

Blue Chip picks - Everything you need to know

BlueChip Picks – Everything You Need to Know

BlueChip guitar picks create a seamless relationship between you and your instrument. Instead of forcing you to fiddle with your playing style to adapt to different thicknesses and designs, this essential item has the goal of getting out of your way. When you’re using a BlueChip pick, you don’t need […]

Thin vs. thick electric guitar necks

Thin vs. Thick Electric Guitar Necks

When you look at an electric guitar, you’ll find four neck shape designations. Each one is given a specific letter based on what it looks like at the back: C, D, U, or V. Each neck receives its letter designation because it is an accurate description of its look. If […]

P90 Telecaster Bad or Good Idea

P90 Telecaster: Bad or Good Idea?

The P90 is a single coil pickup for electric guitars that Gibson introduced in 1946. It’s such a popular design that the company is still producing them, and you can find third-party brands manufacturing replacement parts. It produces a warmer tone with less brightness and edge than other pickups because […]

Are thin guitar picks worthless

Are Thin Guitar Picks Worthless?

When you play the guitar, the way you produce sounds from the strings directly reflects your playing style. Every guitarist has specific pick preferences that they stick to like a religion. You’ll find some prefer thick ones, others like medium ones, and some love thinner designs. Although you’ll see criticism […]

What you need to know about the Schecter Strategy

What You Need to Know About the Schecter Strategy

Schecter Guitar Research was founded in 1976 by David Schecter. When he started the company, they were only making the replacement parts for existing instruments, often from Gibson and Fender. It was a custom shop located in Van Nuys, CA. Schecter created replacement bodies and necks for existing guitars, including […]

Selling gear to Guitar Center

Selling Gear to Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the largest music retailer chain of its type in the United States. Its headquarters is in Westlake Village, California, but you can find over 260 locations operating across the country. The business also oversees several different subsidiary brands underneath its corporate umbrella. It controls a website with […]