Girl wearing wired headphones wondering about radiation exposure

Do wired headphones give off radiation?

Ever since cell phones were introduced, we’ve all had a strong attachment to them. This attachment has increased even further as the technology has improved. Look at cell phones from when they first hit the mainstream compared to the way they are now. Back then, they were used for making […]

Bedroom with a white noise machine and thin walls

Can Neighbors Hear a White Noise Machine?

The term ‘white noise’ can be confusing. After all, it does contain the word ‘noise’ in it. But it’s not what you think. White noise is a wonderful option for covering up unwanted external sounds. Buying a white noise machine is a great choice because it can play many different […]

Man in a train station listening to loud music

Why Are Headphones So Loud?

Sometimes, it’s nice to be in your own little world. With headphones, it’s definitely possible to tune everything out and tune into your favorite music. Headphone technology has come a long way over the years, now with noise-cancelling options to make it even easier to keep from being disturbed by […]

Man wearing headphones wondering if they increase ear wax production

Do Headphones Increase Ear Wax Production?

It was revolutionary when headphones were first released. Consumers snapped them up like crazy because it made listening to music more personal. Do you remember your first pair of headphones? You probably treasured them for those moments of solitude or listening to music way past your bedtime so your parents […]

Noise cancelling earphones or earbuds
Earbuds, Noise-Cancelling

Can Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Cause Vertigo?

Today’s technology has made it possible to take our music along with us wherever we go without disturbing others. And preventing others from disturbing us thanks to noise-cancellation technology! One of the greatest to come out in the segment in recent times are the noise-cancelling wireless Bluetooth earbuds for they […]