Are Airpods Sweatproof and Waterproof?

Are Airpods Sweatproof and Waterproof?

It’s something we started taking for granted, you see adverts of people jogging with earphones and headphones all over the place, so you presume they’re all pretty much water and sweatproof.

OK, so maybe the lower quality headphones won’t be going into the sauna with you, but surely the higher-quality brand just add this as a standard, right? Well, not exactly…

Most AirPods Pro earphones are, in fact, water and sweat-resistant, but they aren’t waterproof or sweatproof. This is important to know and to understand the difference. Resistant means it can take a splash or a few drops, while proof means nothings coming in even a meter underwater.

Water-resistant means you need to wipe them off after they get wet, before putting them back into their case. Any moisture in the case can lead to condensation, which can then get into your Airpods.

Let’s look at everything you need to know to keep your Airpods safe from water or sweat damage.

Are AirPods Sweatproof?

The Apple Airpods have so much to offer; they’re tiny powerhouses of exceptional sound quality, noise-cancellation, and smart functionality, but are they sweatproof?

This is a tricky answer to come by. While Apple openly proclaims these features for the Airpods Pro and the PowerBeats Pro, they’re eerily quiet about the standard Airpods. While their silence speaks volumes, we want answers.

While Apple AirPods aren’t waterproof or even listed as water-resistant, they should be able to handle a bit of sweat. If you’re worried about it, perhaps opt for the Airpods Pro, which has an IPX4 rating. The Airpods charging case isn’t water-resistant, so always dry your Airpods before charging.

To protect your Airpods, consider getting sweat-proof covers, which will keep any moisture out and keep them safe from damage.

So, what’s ok and what’s not?

What can Airpods (probably) handleWhat can’t they handle
 A little bit of sweat should be fineGoing into a Sauna… maybe not
Getting caught in the rain and trying to protect them? Should be OKForgetting your Airpods in your jeans and then putting them in the washer… Sorry, drying in rice isn’t going to cut it.

Are AirPods Pro sweatproof

Are AirPods Pro Sweatproof?

While Apple, for some reason, decided that the standard Airpods won’t have water-resistance, these added benefits are available on their other models. This does still not mean they are sweatproof (or waterproof).

The Airpods Pro are definitely sweatproof, and have an rating of IPX4. The idea is that resistance offers protection against temporary water or sweat exposure, but they aren’t designed for use in the shower, sauna, or for any water sports like swimming.

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Something else to always keep in mind, your charging case isn’t sweat or water-resistant at all. Don’t put your sweaty Airpods Pro back in to charge if you haven’t wiped them off first. Apple also advises against using any heat or compressed air to dry your Airpods Pro.

■ What Should You Do If Your Airpods Pro Got Damaged by Water?

If your AirPods come into contact with any water or liquid, always wipe them down as soon as possible with a dry cloth. You could still be under warranty and we’ll take a look at what you can do in a bit. If your charging case got wet, turn it upside down immediately and don’t use it again until it’s completely dry.

Does Sweat Ruin AirPods?

The big question, will they survive a three hour exercise routine in the blaring sun? While this will never be an issue I’ll face (I’ll rather work up a sweat playing Dota), there are superhumans out there. What’s the verdict?

Prolonged exposure to sweat can eventually cause issues. Apple Airpods can, however, handle a lot even though they aren’t water-resistant. Many people report no issues with sweat. If you are worried, use headphones or earphones with an IPX7 or higher for exercise.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t test my brand new Airpods at the extremes. I’ll try to use earphones like the AfterShokz Xtrainerz for sports, running, and extreme weather conditions.

At the end of the day, sweat probably won’t hurt your Airpods, but there is always a possibility. Rather play it safe and keep them for your commute, work, or general use.

With their small size and comfy fit, they are perfect for use anywhere, but you don’t want to shorten their life span unnecessarily.

Can You Wear AirPods to the Gym?

Most people love zoning out at the gym by listening to music. Headphones and earphones go hand in hand with most gym routines and let’s face it the music blaring out of the gym speakers isn’t for everyone. So, you plug and play, so to say. But, is it good for your Airpods to wear them at the gym?

While Apple often shows adverts of people running with their Airpods in, it might not be the best idea. Airpods aren’t sweat-resistant, and any sweat can be potentially damaging. The average person sweats enough from one hour of exercise to fill a large Slurpee.

At the end of the day, what you do with your Airpods is your business, but if you want to make sure they last and that the sound quality stays as good as the day you bought them, exercising in them might not be the best idea.

Give your Airpods the respect they deserve and put them away while you’re at the gym. Either use an old pair while at the gym, or get something that is made for sports.

Are Airpods Water-resistant?

Sweat and water, potato potato. Any moisture is going to wreak havoc on earphones or headphones that aren’t water-resistant (at the minimum).

No, Airpods aren’t water-resistant, and there is a high chance that any water could damage them.

The Airpods Pro, however, are and have an IPX rating of 4. Apple has apparently learnt from their faux pas and added a water repellent coating to the circuit board for second-generation models.

Water-resistance means that your device is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. If there is no water-resistance, any old splash could potentially get through to the electronics.

The best is to always use your Airpods in a dry and safe environment, also be aware that extreme temperatures and changes in temperatures can result in condensation. This means there can be water on the inside even if you didn’t get your Airpods near any water.

Can I Wear My Airpods in the Rain?

There are two scenarios here, either you know it’s raining and you’re still contemplating taking your headphones out (I hope you have an umbrella), or you got caught in a storm and suddenly your Airpods are in an environment they shouldn’t be in. It happens… Will they be ok?

The message from Apple is clear; they won’t replace Airpods damaged by water. Your Airpods should survive a stint in the rain, but if any water does manage to penetrate the cover and damage the electronics, you’ll be on your own. By wearing them while it’s raining, you are risking them.

Just ask yourself if it’s really worth it? Yes, we all want our dancing in the rain moment, but don’t do it with your Airpods.

Will Airpods Still Work If Washed?

We have to give the Apple Airpods some due credit here, while it is inadvisable to try and wash your earphones in the washing machine, somehave survived the odd washroom.

Apple doesn’t promote Airpods as water-resistant, meaning any bit of water can cause irreversible damage.

However, if your Airpods managed to get in the wash, there is a chance they could still work. DO NOT use them until you are sure they are dry. Put them in rice to draw out moisture.

I know someone who claims that his Airpods were still playing music even as his AirPods were a foot underwater. Let’s just say I won’t be testing that claim any time soon.

What to Do If You’ve Washed Your AirPods

If your AirPods did manage to find their way in the washing machine, there are a few things you can do to save them:

  1. Do NOT turn them on
  2. Take a dry cloth, a paper towel, or a cotton ball and dry off any excess water.
  3. If they were inside their case, take them out and continue drying. You can use a q-tip to get into the sockets.
  4. Don’t put your Airpods back in the charging case for at least 12 hours.
  5. Don’t put them on “to test them”. If they were still working, this could break them if a short circuit occurs.
  6. Either put them on top of some rice (you can put a paper towel between them and the rice), or if you have silica gel packs, put them in the case and around your Airpods in a small container.
  7. Allow them to dry thoroughly! Don’t rush it with the hairdryer.
  8. Once you’re sure they are completely dry, you can test them.

How to Know If Your AirPods Have Water Damage

If you suspect your Airpods might have water damage, there is one sign that will tell all. Any audio distortion after a fatal water encounter is all the evidence you need to know they’ve been damaged.

If you hear a muffled or scratchy noise as you play your music or other media files, it may be that the electronics were damaged.

Another sign is if your AirPods won’t charge or turn on after they get wet (remember to follow the above steps before even attempting to put them on). Unfortunately, because the Airpods or Airpods Pro aren’t waterproof, if enough water gets in somehow, it could be the end of your Airpods.

One thing that a few people have mentioned and that I myself won’t be relying on (but heck, if you do have water damage it could be worth a shot), is that there isn’t a liquid contact indicator like you’ll find in the iPhone.

This makes it harder for technicians to prove that it’s water damage, especially if you send it back quickly before any rust can occur.

Does Apple Warranty Cover Water Damage on AirPods?

The real reason you’re here, I’m sure. You got some water damage and you want to know what to do next.

The Apple Limited Warranty covers you for the first year, from the date you bought your Airpods. Technically, if your AirPods malfunction due to a factory fault in this period, you could make a claim.  Water damage, unfortunately, isn’t covered.

You could try to send them back right after the damage happened and before any signs of rust appear, but the chances of claiming are slim.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Your Damaged AirPods?

Apple probably has the best resale value, even for damaged goods. There are always parts that can be salvaged and refurbished.

If even only one of your Airpods is faulty due to physical damage, you can get them replaced at an out-of-warranty fee.

If you opted in for the AppleCare+ cover, the only cost is the service fee.

In conclusion…

Your Airpods or Airpods Pro aren’t at all water or sweat proof. Err on the side of caution when using them near water, in humid conditions, or while working out.

While it’s true that most people who have Airpods claim that they haven’t had any issues with water damage in most scenarios, Apple does advise against using especially the Airpods in wet environments.

Damage might not be apparent immediately, but rust or condensation could damage functionality and result in poor audio quality. At this stage, your warranty probably won’t cover you anymore.

Stay on the safe side and use headphones that have an IPX of 7 or higher for exercise or swimming.


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