What you need to know about headphone stands

What you need to know about headphone stands (5 Best Models)

The headphone stand isn’t supposed to be a paperweight, I’m sure, but it does a pretty good job. Notably, most people just push this seemingly unimportant accessory aside, and most people just using their necks as a headphone hang. Or, it stays permanently mounted to my head.

When I finally do get home, it ends up next to me on the bed or stolen by one of my family members. That all kind of changed when I stepped on my headphones one morning after they had fallen off the bed.

Your headphone stand not only protects your headphones, but it cleans up your space and improves productivity. Some headphone stands even serve as charging stations. Use your headphone stand as a functional space organizer to declutter and keep things professional.

Now, I always make sure my headphones are on their stand. I’ve kind of really gotten into organizing my space. Some of my friends are of the opinion that I could have done it without a headphone stand. Sure, maybe, but they do have a lot going for them.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using a headphone stand.

Is a headphone stand necessary?

After some months of use, I figured I could probably have made some other DIY arrangements. So, maybe the headphone stand wasn’t all that necessary. But, and here’s the kicker, I’m not a neat person (sorry love), and getting the headphone stand kind of helped me to try and make my desk at home and work more organized and professional.

The added bonus was that I was more productive as I could find things more easily on my desk, including my headphones. They were also protected, since I wasn’t just dropping them in my bag or on the floor anymore, I had built up a habit of putting them on the stand. I was on a roll.

So, yes, headphone stands have no added advantage other than the above and to make your headphone collection look cool, but I am still happy I got one.

Headphone stands won’t do anything for your listening experience, but keeping your headphones neat and protected could prolong their lifespan. Consider getting headphones if you always struggle to find your headphones or end up damaging them by leaving them everywhere.

Can a headphone stand damage headphones?

If you use the wrong headphone stand, it can actually damage your headband. If you have a wired or metal headband, you can use any headphone stand, the hanging type is convenient. However, if your headphones have a leather or cushioned headband, consider using a special stand.

If you use the wrong type, it can deform or even scratch your headband. I have quite a few headphones in my collection, and I don’t use the same stand for the different types.

Also, if you opt for a hidden headphone stand, make sure there isn’t something that can hook as you will definitely be grabbing at your headphones sooner or later, and if anything hooks, it can be game over for your headphones.

How many types of headphone stands are there?

I’ve seen so many different types of headphone stands; there really is one for every design, type, and use.

  • Minimalist headphone stands:

This is great for the office where you need something practical for your work headphones. There is nothing more irritating than having to find your headphones when you need them, or looking like the office slouch with a messy desk. Your office should be minimalist, and that’s why this is the perfect stand option.

  • Ergonomic headphone stands:

Or, if it’s at home for your gaming headphones, opt for something that offers an ergonomic design that will hold the shape of your headphones. When I play WOW for hours on end, I don’t want a headache from too tight headphones. If you accidentally squash them in your bag, or under your pillow, you can change their shape. Take care of your babies by keeping them safe and as good as new on a dedicated stand.

  • Hidden headphone stands:

This is great for compact spaces. They’re neat, and out of sight with a magnetic or hook stand under your desk. What’s more, they’re usually really easy to use. With the desk stands, you might need to open your headphones to put them on, but the hidden stand is just a magnet or an easy hooking action.

Just be careful about two things: the magnet shouldn’t be strong enough to damage your speakers, and the hook action should be easy enough that you don’t accidentally damage your headphones while taking them off.

  • The statement piece headphone stand:

I’m all for making a statement. These are crazy over the top audiophile greatness. Some headphones are a statement on their own, but getting a matching branded headphone stand just takes it to the next level. I have friends who stream their gaming, and trust me, their stands look amazing in the background.

Are headphone stands expensive?

There are headphone stands, and there are headphone stands. You can easily get a headphone stand for $20 that’s going to do the job, especially if it’s the hooking type. One issue that I’ve experienced with some headphone stands is that they tend to fall over if they aren’t made with some thought.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can get a headphone stand that’s worthy of carrying $1000 headphones. Focal is a great example; they’ve brought out a branded Focal headphone stand, which is perfect for just about any headphone because of the amazing design.

Maybe a bit over the top for some, but I like showing off my headphones a bit, and there’s no better way than with a great stand.

Best headphone stands that won’t damage your headphones

For leather or padded headphones, your stand should have a soft, flexible rest and a sturdy aluminum body. Metal headphones need a stand with a sturdy base as toppling over could damage your headphones. Some Bluetooth Headphone stands are also charging stations, so make sure they don’t overheat.

There are so many different types to choose from, some made from stunning wood, classic metal, and acrylic. It can be hard to choose. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What type of headphones you’ll be using it for
  • Your personal style
  • Overall quality

Avantree Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand

I actually have this stand (along with a few other ones), and it’s great for my padded headphones. The reason is the slightly thicker curved rubber headband rest, which distributes the weight. It is in the lower price range, which initially had me a bit worried when I was still considering my options. But, I’m actually really impressed with the quality.

I’m not alone though; the reviews are great for this model (which was why I got them to start with). It’s quite stylish with the black base and chrome bar. You can also neatly roll up your cable and store them at the bottom, a great habit for protecting your headphone cable.

In addition, while the rest is wide, it isn’t too long. Meaning most of my headphones can fit over without me having to open them up—a great added bonus.

 A few issues I had were with putting it together, it was a bit tricky, but I figured it out soon enough. The silicon base cover is a bit difficult to get into place, but once you do, it really offers great grip.

  • What type of headphones you’ll be using it for

Work, general use, or PC gaming headphones. The easy design and slip over functionality is a winner.

  • Your personal style

Neat and minimalist. It looks great on a desk.

  • Overall quality

Great quality for the price paid. I can’t complain.

SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand

The best thing about this stand is, no doubt, the style. I mean, if you think the wood looks great, they also have it covered in leather. The extra padding is also great for protecting your headband. It also comes in a ton of colors, meaning you will definitely find something that matches your headphones and style.

The stand width can mean that you might need to open up some headphones to get them over, but I have the wooden design, and I sometimes just slide them over from the top.

Additionally, there isn’t really any space for a cable, so I kind of just put them in between the stand.

  • What type of headphones you’ll be using it for

Work, general use, or music headphones. These are really stylish, and they look great in your room, or on your office desk.

  • Your personal style

Style is very important, but it also needs to be functional.

  • Overall quality

Amazing design, quality, and function. It also doesn’t break the bank, which is surprising.

Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand

What I personally really liked about this stand is the height. It’s going to handle any sized headphones. I was a bit concerned about the lightweight design, but I have to say, even though it wobbled a bit under the weight, the stand was broad enough to handle it. It didn’t topple over once.

The design is clear minimalist, and I love the natural elements, wood, and aluminum. It looks great in my kitchen – definitely a space where I need to keep my headphones off the counter. While the rest is made of wood, there is a small dip in the design that keeps your headphones in place. I’d say this is a better option for a harder headband.

The dip was a bit too narrow for some of my headphones, so if you have a wide headband, keep it in mind.

  • What type of headphones you’ll be using it for

Home, personal use headphones.  The minimalist design is probably my favorite feature

  • Your personal style

This is the perfect headphone stand for the kitchen or bedroom. If you need to keep your headphones safe on something that fits in with the rest of your decor, but won’t be used continuously, this is a great option.

  • Overall quality

A stunning addition to any desk or counter. It does the job, but it’s not going to be a heavy-duty headphone stand.

Yocice Headphone Stand

I actually have a few of these. I use this little guy as a discreetly hidden headphone hanger under my desk (all of my desks actually). It works well because it’s got a bit of padding, and the lip is high enough to secure my headphones, but it’s not going to catch my headphones when I try to take them off.

A great feature that I really appreciate is that it comes with crazy effective double-sided tape. These guys will stick to anything. And, for the few spaces that I wanted to make sure they’re secured, there are actually holes for screws.

As for placing the hook, just make sure to leave a bit of space above (especially if you’re using it under your desk), because to fold it up, the lip needs to go over the back bit. Once the tape is up, there’s no getting it off. So, close the hook and place it where you want it, then position the tape by taking off one side of the protective cover first.

  • What type of headphones you’ll be using it for

Work and personal headphones. Great for the garage, office, kitchen, anywhere and everywhere.

  • Your personal style

This does have a distinct style, pity they don’t offer multiple colors and materials. Even so, it generally just blends in once it’s up and closed. And, when your headphones are hanging, it really looks like an extension of your setup.

  • Overall quality

Great quality, I mean these things are sturdy. Can’t fault them there.

CASANUVA Solid Wood Headphones Stand

Perhaps my favorite design and yes, this one has a proud spot in my studio. People often ask me where I got it; it’s a real beauty. It mimics the shape of my head, supporting the bits that need support, while not stretching the suspension.

While it works perfectly with my smaller ear cups, to protect them from dust and dirt, it’s a bit too narrow for some of my bigger headphones. I’m actually considering buying a second one and gluing them together.

While at first, it seemed a bit top-heavy, it does have four rubber pads at the bottom, which work perfectly. I did see some of the reviews mentioning they got felt pads (or no pads), which I personally don’t see working that well. Luckily, rubber pads are easy to find at the hardware store.

  • What type of headphones you’ll be using it for

Your best headphones will rest here. They look great, and they have the best ergonomics.

  • Your personal style

If you like natural elements and really putting your best headphones on display, this is a great option. As I said, I use them in my studio, and I get a ton of compliments.

  • Overall quality

It’s sturdy and will last forever. The one issue I have with the quality is the filler they used for a few natural anomalies – it wasn’t the same color as the dye. Not a huge issue, but definitely something they can improve on.

My final thoughts

While a headphone stand isn’t necessary, it does make life more organized and helps to keep your headphones safe. The multitude of different designs offers something for everyone. There really is no excuse for leaving your headphones lying around where they can get damaged.


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