10 Best Karaoke Mixers
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Best Karaoke Mixers in 2021

Anyone who loves to sing in the shower or while driving will appreciate the benefits that karaoke mixers provide. This technology mixes sound from multiple audio inputs, including instruments, microphones, and e-music, to create a unique singing opportunity. Karaoke machines of the past would play sings with the vocalist muted […]

Does Music Sound Better with Headphones
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Does Music Sound Better with Headphones?

Music is an integral part of our being, and scientists are still studying the link between music and language. The music we create has been with us for many millennia, but natural music in itself has been in existence long before we have. The sounds of nature, white noise, is […]

The 10 Best Karaoke Speakers
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10 Best Karaoke Speakers in 2021

Do you love singing in the car, the shower, or even in the supermarket when they play a song you love? Setting up karaoke at home can be just as easy as getting the best karaoke speakers. Whether you’re bored and want to pass the time making videos of your […]

24 Live Audio Mixing Tips and Tricks
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24 Live Audio Mixing Tips and Tricks

Mixing live audio is a lot different than mastering something in the studio. Events are happening in real-time, which means you must get things right on the first try. Although it can be a stressful experience, the outcome offers plentiful rewards when you’re successful. There are times when things will […]