Can You Learn Guitar with Rocksmith

Can You Learn Guitar with Rocksmith?

When video game instruments came out as a playing innovation over a decade ago, the idea of becoming a rock star on your favorite console became a popular option.

Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band transformed the industry by turning music into a game, causing the titles to soar to the top of the sales charts.

It cost nearly $100 to purchase the instrument controller package that went with each game. In return for this investment, you could play along with real songs on guitar, drums, or bass.

The included microphone enabled vocalists to create real-life experiences at home.

Future innovations for this video game genre included a piano controller.

Can You Learn Guitar with Rocksmith?

Playing Rocksmith is not the same as taking lessons with a real instrument. Ubisoft, the maker of the game, says that if you play it an hour daily, you’ll naturally learn how to play the guitar in 60 days or less. This guarantee applies to any skill level, including people who have never tried to play before.

What makes Rocksmith unique is that it incorporates real guitar-playing mechanics into the game.

Unlike Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you must do more than push a sequence of buttons at the same time you hit a strum key.

The mechanics are quite similar to what you’d experience when playing the real thing.

It requires tuning, strapping up, string plucking, power chords, how to hold a pick, and barre chords – and that’s just the beginning of the experience.

Rocksmith also teachers fretting, shifting, palm mutes, and sustains. You’ll learn techniques for the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars from this one game.

Advanced players can learn pinch harmonics, advanced chords, hybrid techniques, and two-hand tapping.

Is Rocksmith Better Than Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

After playing musical band-based games for a few months, most players found themselves falling into one of three categories.

  • Some people didn’t like the games, so they moved onto something else.
  • Others preferred the gameplay mechanics with the console controllers.
  • A few people liked the concept of playing a musical video game, but they also wanted to increase their skills with a real instrument.

That’s why Rocksmith came out a few years after the first Guitar Hero, and Rock Band games found success.

The title was always meant for a niche player who wanted to get more out of their investment.

If you could spend your time playing a real guitar, you could transition that skill into real-life outcomes.

The guitar controllers for Rock Band and Guitar Hero couldn’t replicate that dynamic.

Does that mean Rocksmith is a better game than Rock Band or Guitar Hero? Not necessarily.

It just depends on what your preferred outcomes are as a player. If you want to learn how to play a real instrument, the console market offers this choice only.

Is Rocksmith Good for Beginners?

If you’ve never picked up a guitar before, trying to find an instrument you like to play can be challenging. You’d also need to find someone who could provide lessons or look for online resources that teach the chords you need to play.

Rocksmith eliminates that anxiety by providing everything a player needs to explore learning how to play the guitar. It also offers advanced concepts so that long-time instrumentalists can still learn something new.

What you’ll notice right away when playing Rocksmith is that there is a small latency noticeable in the game.

When you play a song, you’ll see delays between when you strum and hear the instrument through the television or the display.

The goal of Rocksmith is to give everyone a plug-and-play experience to enjoy the concept of playing along to a favorite song.

As you hit each note or chord, you’ll earn points that eventually produces a final score that you can compare to family, friends, or online players. As you keep playing, you’ll progress into more challenges that take you playing levels higher.

What Do I Need to Start Playing Rocksmith?

If you want to start learning how to play the guitar using Rocksmith, you’ll need to invest in some equipment to have a fun time. Here’s the complete list of items to have the best experience possible.

COPY OF THE GAME:Rocksmith is available on all major platforms. You can pick up copies for the PC and MAC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox. Digital and physical copies are available to play.
REAL TONE CABLE:This cable is a 1/4-inch AUX to USB cable that connects the guitar to your PC, Mac, or gaming console. Some third-party products are available online to choose from, but the best choice for most players is the Ubisoft Rocksmith Real Tone cable.
INSTRUMENT:The advantage players have with Rocksmith is that it works with any electrically-equipped guitar. You can use an acoustic, bass, or electric option to enjoy the gameplay experience. Ubisoft sells a bundle that includes an Epiphone Les Paul Junior instrument to start your journey.
USB MICROPHONE:If you don’t have an electric-compatible guitar, you can connect a USB microphone to the game to have it pick up the notes and chords you play.

Unless you have no other option, try to avoid the USB microphone when playing Rocksmith.

The latency with the connection is enough to be problematic for high scores.

It also removes some of the real-life interactions that make this game a practical tool for some players to learn how to play the instrument.

Electric guitars tend to work better than the other two options with this game. You’ll notice the interactive songs often focus on the melodies from this instrument more than the others.

It is essential to remember that it takes time to learn how to play an instrument. You won’t become a superstar overnight when picking up a guitar to play Rocksmith for the first time!

What makes this game lots of fun is that beginners can pick it up to experiment, intermediate players can advance some skills, and experts can challenge themselves to get better.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy at every age and skill level.

Best Guitars to Use for Playing Rocksmith Today

If you’re unsure about playing guitar, the bundled set that includes an instrument is your best approach to playing Rocksmith for the first time.

You can also use any introductory kit to take advantage of the generic connectivity this game’s design offers.  

If you want to dive right in with one of the best guitars available right now to play Rocksmith, here are some options to consider.

1. Schecter Omen 6 Electric Guitar

What makes this guitar stand out is that it replicates a Fender’s sound almost completely while coming in at half the price.

Although the sustain and tone quality is not quite as good, it’s an excellent choice for Rocksmith because of the instrument’s overall responsiveness.

The guitar’s back is made from ebony, while the neck is an attractive maple. The deep walnut stain always catches the eye.

Although it is more of an entry-level price, the sturdy construction is perfect for kids who want to learn how to play the guitar.

The Schecter Omen 6 does well in virtually any environment, with the Diamond Plus pickups providing minimal latency while playing.

The Tune-O-Matic bridge does give you some high strings that may break easily for beginners, so try to follow the best practices for playing to avoid any potential concerns.

2. ESP LTD EC-256FM Electric Guitar

With four different style options from which to choose, you’ll get to select an instrument that fits your personality and playing style without breaking your budget.

Right- and left-handed models are available to suit your needs, with each one featuring a rosewood fretboard and a mahogany neck to provide world-class results.

The top material uses maple to ensure the resonance sounds right every time you strum.

You’ll get 22XJ frets, covered passive pickups, and a set-neck construction that works well for wall displays.

The versatility of the ESP LTD EC-256FM electric guitar ensures that you can conquer any musical genre you prefer while playing Rocksmith.

It sounds fantastic with hard or progressive rock, blues, and fusion. It’s the perfect investment for anyone who wants to transition from playing games to earning some cash at a gig one day.

3. Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

When you think about the best electric guitar brands available today, Fender is one of the first names that come to mind for everyone.

The Stratocaster’s design is the same one used for the Rock Band console instruments, creating a lovely transition between controller skills and learning how to play the instrument for real.

You can choose from several color styles while having the option for Pau Ferro or Maple construction.

The Fender Player Stratocaster offers a consistent tone with excellent sustain.

It stays in tune surprisingly well, even if it is more of an entry-level option for this brand.

The alder body, combined with the gloss finish, gives you the traditional look of a rock star, while the fingerboard has the right width for the average player.

4. Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90

This electric guitar makes an immediate statement. When people first see it, the first impression makes it seem like you’re playing the cello, but the jazz style built into the body is perfect for Rocksmith.

You’ll find a standard bridge, well-constructed neck, and impressive tone awaiting each strum when playing.

It even comes with a clip-on tuner, strap, picks, capo, and polishing cloth so that you can always sound your best.

The Godin Kingpin P90 features a single-coil pickup that produces a tangy, resonant note which becomes immediately attractive to the ear.

The molded cherry arched top provides the perfect accent, while the rosewood fingerboard looks beautiful in any condition. You will stand out when playing this instrument!

5. Ritmo Electrical Guitar Starter Kit

Consider this entry-level investment for playing Rocksmith if you like the idea of a bundled kit for your kids.

The advantage you receive with this option is the included amp that comes in the bundle.

You’ll avoid spending a fortune while still providing a realistic practicing mechanism that teaches proper finger spacing, chords, and placement. Although you wouldn’t take it out for gigs, it’s well-suited for gameplay.

The guitar in the Ritmo kit is made with engineered wood to keep costs down. It features triple S pickups for some added versatility.

If you get the 39-inch model, the tremolo bar comes with the design to ensure your player can hit every note perfectly to achieve a high score. If they fall in love with the idea of playing the guitar, you can step up to one of the more advanced options.

Is Rocksmith a Good Investment for Guitar Players?

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, you should purchase a real instrument to learn how to play it. That’s the only way to get the practical experience needed to let your brain and fingers figure out the various strings and chords.

Since Rocksmith lets you practice on a real instrument, you’ll learn the essential mechanics of a guitar while having fun playing a game.

When you’re unsure of how much you’ll love playing the guitar, Rocksmith is an excellent entry-level solution to consider. You’ll pay about as much as you would for an entry-level instrument to access the game, but it comes with the teaching tools needed to learn how to pluck and strum.

Anyone who stays motivated by games and competition will appreciate the interactive designs offered by Rocksmith.

If you’d like to start learning how to play guitar by yourself, this video game won’t substitute for actual practice, but it’s about as close to the real thing that you’ll find available right now.


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