Best DJ Tables With All the Space You Require

Best DJ Tables of 2021 With All the Space You Require

Musicians use multiple instruments to create beautiful music. When you get enough of them together, a band, orchestra, or symphony can fill an entire stadium with rhythms and melodies to love.

What happens when only one musician wants to play? In previous generations, that person would have had to play the “one-man-band” instrument to produce melodious sounds.

A DJ table provides a meaningful solution for the problem of creating group music from a single person.

Several makes and models are available right now if you’ve been thinking about becoming a DJ. You could get professional gigs, host social events, or have fun with the equipment in the privacy of your home.

How to Choose the Best DJ Table

Although some people conflate the terms “turntable” and “table” when discussing DJ work, they’re two separate items.

The turntable is a place to spin some tunes or scratch raw vinyl. A table is the stand on which all of your equipment securely rests.

One of the biggest components of the competitive music industry is having access to the right equipment. You could be a DJ in EDM, pop, or another contemporary genre, but this truth remains. The only way to produce incredible sound is to have premium resources at your fingertips.

When DJs first get started, their priority tends to be on securing the gear they need. They’ll purchase turntables, computers, and audio mixers that cost thousands of dollars without giving a thought to the table or stand supporting these items.

You could have the best equipment ever manufactured and still fail as a DJ if your table cannot support the weight or width of your investment.

What Is the Best Height for a DJ Table?

Choosing the correct height for a DJ table depends on how tall you are. Most products typically stand about 2-3 feet tall when fully assembled, although some models go up to 48 inches.

Most people can work well with a DJ table that stands about 38 inches high. If you are above-average height, you may want to look for a product with adjustable legs so that you can structure your set up within your comfort zone.

You can always settle for the elbow test when measuring a DJ table. If the surface comes up to this arm joint while you let your hands rest freely along your sides, you’ve got the right surface height for your needs.

How Wide Does My New DJ Table Need to Be?

Choose the width of a DJ table requires an in-depth look at your current equipment and future needs.

When you have two turntables, a mixer, and several effects pedals lined up to use, that setup can take up a surprisingly large space!

If your DJ equipment involves a laptop, some headphones, and a couple of peripherals, you won’t have as many spatial requirements.

That means you have some questions that need to get answered before you start shopping.

  • What is the exact width of your mixer?
  • Do you want to work with media players, CDs, turntables, or other equipment?
  • Does your gig need to have monitor boxes on both sides of the table?
  • Do you have enough equipment to require a secondary level?
  • What position do you prefer when working with your turntables?

What Are the Features of the Best DJ Tables?

Most DJ tables already have a place for your headphones built into the structure. This feature ensures that your equipment is always stowed properly and not forgotten at home or the hotel room.

You’ll find that DJ tables with cutouts on the surface already are handy. This feature serves as a cable feed-through, reducing your setup’s clutter without impacting the quality of your connections.

Second-level tables come with multiple plugs or amps to help expand the range of your performance. These items are not typically visible to the audience, ensuring a clean look while offering the versatility you need.

If you prefer to work with a laptop, having a stand or holder of the appropriate size ensures that vibrations or movement won’t damage your investment.

It also helps to select a DJ table with foldable legs to ensure you can move it from your vehicle to the stage without difficulty. If your goal is to host social events instead of performing gigs, this option lets you store the equipment easily without using a significant spatial profile.

What Are the Best DJ Tables?

 1. Best DJ Table Overall: Odyssey Foldout Combo Table

What makes this DJ table stand out as one of the best is its simple design. It operates on a 54×37” foldout stand, using an interior support shelf to create stability. The system works well for almost all occasions, especially since it only weighs about 50 pounds.

Snaps on the table’s side ensure that your equipment doesn’t fall out while transporting or using it.

This table is the perfect solution for anyone with an expansive setup that works within the foldout dimensions.

Pros of the Odyssey Foldout Combo Table

  • The table supports a maximum weight of approximately 100 pounds.
  • The small dimensions ensure that your equipment won’t take up much space when doing your DJ work or keeping things in storage.
  • The cost is highly competitive for this category.

Cons of the Odyssey Foldout Combo Table

  • This table’s weight must be evenly distributed for a DJ to come close to achieving the maximum limits.
  • Anything that causes the table to bend creates the risk of having the locks misalign during the setup process.
  • Assembling the DJ table without previous experience can be challenging.

2. Best Multipurpose DJ Table: Quik Lok Multipurpose Stand

This heavy-duty stand is the perfect solution for DJs who run the occasional live show. It supports a significant amount of weight, has plenty of space, and gives you a secure foundation from which to work.

The stand itself only weighs a little more than 20 pounds, making it easy to take with you almost anywhere. It holds mixers up to 60 inches wide, making it well-suited for rack systems, record cases, and your other equipment.

It has eight different height adjustment options that use a spring-loaded security knob to hold them in place. When you’re finished for the day, it folds down into a convenient T shape for ongoing storage.

Pros of the Quik Lok Multipurpose Stand

  • The leg-locking design of the table gives you numerous height and angle options to use as a DJ. If something doesn’t feel right, a quick change is all that’s needed.
  • A spring-loaded security knob ensures that everything is held in place securely.
  • Solid rubber resting pads on the table keep your equipment in place, creating a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Cons of the Quik Lok Multipurpose Stand

  • It isn’t a DJ-specific table, which means it lacks some of the features you may need for your gigs.
  • The size may be more than is necessary for entry-level equipment.
  • It may not hold the larger consoles from the past if you’re still them.

3. Best DJ Table for a Quick Setup: Deejayled Universal Fold Out Table

This DJ table provides an open-edge, stackable experience that allows you to manage your basic equipment. It comes with chrome steel impact corners to resist damage while adding dimples on the bottom side for stability and centering.

The table measures about 36×22”, weighing about 22 pounds when everything is set up correctly. It’s about four inches thick at the table, providing a stable foundation for your musical work.

The table’s legs lock using a pin, ensuring that you have as much stability as possible. This design also lets you quickly set up, take down, or change your equipment’s positioning in under a minute. Although it would be helpful if the legs extended, it still does an excellent job of providing support for all DJs.

Pros of the Deejayled Universal Fold Out Table

  • Although it isn’t 100% impact-resistant, this table outperforms other models at a similar price point with this feature.
  • Stacking is stable thanks to the incorporated design elements. If you don’t need that feature, you still receive a strong, single table.
  • The setup and takedown process is simple enough that you can take it almost anywhere to have a gig.

Cons of the Deejayled Universal Fold Out Table

  • This table requires a centered weight to be effective. The leg supports get a little shaky when it bears an uneven load.
  • You don’t have the option to change the height of the table. The legs simply fold out and lock.
  • It offers a smaller working surface than similar products in this category.

4. Best Sturdy DJ Table: Odyssey Flight Zone Foldout Stand

If you like the idea of a coffin more than a table, than this foldout stand provides the foundation you need. It offers an interior support shelf, recessed handle with latches, and enough space to operate.

You must have a full-size coffin made for turntables to use this product successfully. If you’re used to being a laptop DJ using MP3s, this product isn’t for you.

It may be a heavy-duty item, but it is also quite sturdy. You receive a lightweight experience while having everything stay where you want to have it.

Pros of the Odyssey Flight Zone Foldout Stand

  • The stand comes with rubber feet supports to provide added stability while hosting a show.
  • It gets made with a rugged manufacturing process with inspected quality to ensure all surfaces snap into place correctly.
  • You have three width choices: 22, 26, or 33 inches. All of them work with the three feet of height received with this stand.

Cons of the Odyssey Flight Zone Foldout Stand

  • You don’t receive a top with this table. That means it must get turned into a coffin to perform your work – or you buy a surface separately.
  • The shelf inside the unit sits low. If you were to place this on the ground, you’d need to sit to be a DJ. It needs to be on a table.
  • Once you put the item on a table, it’s virtually impossible to see the crowd unless you’re above-average in height.

5. Best DJ table with leveling bubble: Gator Frameworks Utility Table

If you’re just getting started with your DJ experience, investing thousands of dollars into new equipment and stands may not be in your budget. Since you can work with a computer and a few mods, this audio utility table could be enough to let you see if this lifestyle is for you.

You can adjust the table to stand up to 40 inches tall, but it can also compress to a 29-inch high surface. Setting up the table only takes a couple of minutes, and the structure is relatively lightweight.

The maximum width of the Gator utility table is 44 inches, while it can shrink to 26 inches if you have limited space. A built-in bubble level ensures that your setup work operates seamlessly.

Pros of the Gator Frameworks Utility Table

  • This table is one of the most affordable options you can find in the marketplace today if you’re an entry-level DJ.
  • You can support everything from mixers to keyboards with the structure.
  • You have width adjustments as a feature to ensure that your stage presence matches your expectations.

Cons of the Gator Frameworks Utility Table

  • The weight limit on this DJ table is only 130 pounds, which can be quickly exceeded with only a few items.
  • It is a product meant more for beginners or people who do other audio-related tasks, so professional DJs may not find the setup useful.
  • The legs’ locking mechanism only uses a pin with a nylon pull, requiring two hands to complete the work.

6. Best carpeted DJ table: Odyssey DJ Table with Adjustable Legs

This DJ table has the look and feel of a crafting unit that you might pick up at your local Costco or warehouse provider. Although it is a little heavy at 30 pounds, you also get 60 inches of width to manage for an extensive setup. It’s also 20 inches deep to support most turntables.

Once you get past the initial first impression, you’ll find a lot of good things happening with this Odyssey table’s design. It is remarkably affordable for the weight it can support, comes with a strap handle for easy carrying, and uses a height-adjustable system that runs from 26-38 inches.

The adjustment mechanism uses spring-load pins that click into holes spaced one inch apart from each other. It would help if you remembered to verify that all four legs are in position before flipping the table because it would collapse without the support.

You have the option to run a bolt through one to maintain a permanent height if you don’t mind making a modification – although such an action could void the warranty.

Pros of the Odyssey DJ Table

  • A pre-tapped hole is available in the center of the table for running your cables.
  • The way the table is constructed ensures that it doesn’t bend, even when you have several items placed on it.
  • You don’t have extra peripherals or attachments to manage with this table. You fold it up, store it, and head to your next gig.

Cons of the Odyssey DJ Table

  • The legs tend to wobble some, especially when they’re fully extended or trying to bear weight that’s close to its maximum tolerance.
  • This table’s length is enough for a mixer and two turntables, but there isn’t much room for anything else.
  • Once the pins are in place for the legs, it is challenging to adjust them with the table surface in a usable position.

7. Best Professional DJ Table: Quik Lok DJ table and Mixer Stand

This heavy-duty table is the best option for professional DJs who have specific setup requirements to meet. It uses an adjustable height construction to give you four different service levels, using a knob-based bolt in the frame to secure a level surface.

The total weight capacity of this Quik Lok table is 200 pounds. It weighs above 30 pounds because of its heavy-duty elements.

Those features also mean that the cost is higher than average for a product of these dimensions. It is backed with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Pros of the Quik Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand

  • The table folds easily for quick setup and takedown.
  • It’s constructed to hold almost anything you would need for a performance.
  • There’s enough space for multiple units. If you have a dual turntable with a bridging audio mixer, it looks small when placed on this unit.

Cons of the Quik Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand

  • Cost is an issue with this product if you purchase the professional-grade model.
  • Availability can be problematic in some areas.
  • If you want a laptop mount, it is sometimes sold separately.

Best Materials to Consider for DJ Tables

Most DJ tables are made from a manufactured wood product. You’ll find many of them use a product called MDF, which stands for “medium-density fiberboard.”

MDF gets made by using hardwood and softwood components. The manufacturer breaks down the organic material into wood fibers using a defibrator. Once it reaches this state, wax and resin binders get added to form the material into panels.

The engineered wood gets baked at high temperature and pressure to make everything work.

If you want an affordable DJ table with a reasonable lifespan, MDF is the best option to consider.
When your goal is to have a long-term asset, you should select a DJ table made with hardwood or non-corrosive metal.

What DJ Table Is Going to Meet Your Needs?

The best DJ tables should provide your setup with a modern design. Whether you take professional gigs or host social events, your equipment position and support give people the first impression of your skills.

If your table makes you look like an amateur, that’s what listeners will expect from your performance.

You can find several makes and models that meet specific needs in this category. It is up to you to match the dimensions, weight capacity, and unique features to your equipment setup to ensure a positive outcome.

When you select one from this list, you’re choosing a proven winner!


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